Monday, September 24, 2012

Another New And Better

I'm not due to post anything until Wednesday, but I've been given a whole new blog interface which looks like a huge mountain I'm supposed to climb if I want to post anything. So now I'm practicing to see what will happen when I click strange icons on the screen. My computer skills are limited, and it took me a long time to figure out the format I've been using for a couple of years. Now I'm given the "new and better" version.

I hate "new and better", because "new and better" is rarely better, and it's a pain in the you know what to figure it out. Besides, I'm too old for this. I'm happy with the old stuff, so leave me alone and let me wander through what I know. At least a user should be given an option to stick with the old or adapt to the new. But then consumers don't have much clout in today's world. We're just supposed to shut up and do what we're told, or go without. Well, I've gone through too much in my life to shut up and obey now. (Read my book, Silent Echoes)

I do realize that if I don't learn the "new and better", it's no skin off the producer's nose, and I'll have to just pack up my gear and get outa' Dodge. (Older folks know what that means) On the other hand, maybe I'm spinning my wheels anyway. Other than one friend who occasionally writes a comment (God bless her), I never get comments. So maybe I'm just writing for myself. And I don't need to write for myself. I already know what's in my head. But it's an interesting question. Does anyone read what I write? Does anyone receive any help with those bumps in the road in their life? I started the blog to try and help people, but how do I know. Maybe I've been living in La La Land, and didn't know it.

Anyway, I'll see if what I'm writing now gets posted on my blog. If not, I may just disappear. But if nobody's reading my blog anyway, then nobody would know if I disappear. Oh, that's right--my friend would know. Maybe she would miss me. What a strange kettle of fish that is. (That's another one old folks would understand)

Well, I guess now I'll start clicking icons, and figure out whether I keep writing to take to the hills.


  1. Wow, I must have clicked the right icons. My post made it. Now I guess I'll try and learn the "new and better" version.

  2. Keep writing. You still have at least one reader. Usually with online blogging unless it is an interactive forum, you sometimes don't get a lot of comments. The big public sites like the news sites the exception.

  3. Hey, mind if I put your Blog on University Park's Facebook page?

  4. Thanks, Marlin. Your comments really did inspire me to keep writing. And yes, I would appreciate your putting my blog on University Park' Facebook page.
    I'm grateful.

    Blessings, Marilyn