Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What Happened To Acts Of Kindness?

Yesterday I was at Brooks Rehab, and I saw an older man using a walker headed for the very heavy front door to leave the building. I opened the door for him and made sure he was okay the rest of the way. He thanked me with a big smile and a look that said he was surprised at my gesture. If I read his message correctly, I'm not surprised that he was surprised. Over the years I've noticed changes in the way people treat each other, and consideration for others seems to be fading away.

Because of this observation, I look for those times when people are considerate, and I acknowledge this behavior. When a store employee is especially helpful, I ask their name and find the store manager to report this kindness. Every single time I do this, the manager seems pleased, but surprised, to hear something other than a complaint. And I have a warm feeling inside.

I don't know if it's really true, but it seems like there are more rude people running around today than in the past. Of course, we can always say, remember the good old days, but maybe our memories are just distorted. Or maybe not. I really don't remember other drivers tailgating my car and honking because I'm only going 3 miles over the speed limit, and that's not fast enough for them. Or trying to reach something on a high shelf in the grocery store while others just walk by pushing their buggies past me. Or someone going out a door just in front of me and letting the door slam in my face. When I open a door for someone and they just walk through without any acknowledgment at all, I say you're welcome loud enough so I know they hear me. Then they either say thank you or look at me like I'm a crazy person. Well, I don't mind being a crazy person.

Are these people just preoccupied.? Or is there a dire emergency somewhere that they have to get to in a hurry? It doesn't seem rational that so many people are headed for one. Individually, they don't upset me. But as a trend, it saddens me. They're missing out on the good feeling inside that comes from helping another person and seeing them smile in appreciation.

Some people may never experience such a feeling. But everything is energy, so if more of us practice being kindness people and look for kindness in others, maybe some of it will rub off on those who don't know how to be kind--or forgot how to do that. Think about it as you look for ways to help someone who needs you, even in a small way.

I wish you joy in your heart.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Launch

Today I am participating in a book launch for Eldon Taylor's new book, Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal-Empowerment.

About the author:
Eldon Taylor has been called the "Master of the Mind" and "one of the world's foremost experts in preconscious processing". He is an award winning New York Times best-selling author of more than 300 books and audio and video programs, and is the host of the radio show Provocative Enlightenment. His prestigious awards, positions and accomplishments are numerous and known throughout the world. He was a practicing criminalist for many years when he began research into the power of the mind. He writes that in his 35 years of researching consciousness he has concluded that the 2 best tools for accessing the mind and assisting it to perform at its best are hypnosis and subliminal communication. He's the inventor of the patented InnerTalk technology and the founder and president of Progressive Awareness Research.

About the book:
There is in each of us an inherent desire to know and understand our true self, to know what misperceptions lie in our subconscious that hold us back from our untapped potential. These messages stored in our subconscious can sabotage our conscious goals. For instance, if we are brought up to believe that we will always be poor, that belief will sabotage our adult attempts at financial success. This process is true in any aspect of our life.

We want to grow and become more of who and what we want to be. But most of our choices are actually made by the area of the brain that is in the subconscious domain. So until we deal with some of those false subconscious beliefs, and until our inner goals are in line with our outer goals, we fall short of success. Hypnosis and subliminal communication deal directly with the subconscious mind, and once learned, can be customized for any situation and used almost anytime and anywhere.

Eldon Taylor explains that hypnosis slows down the brainwave activity making it easier to recover memories, access subconscious beliefs, and reprogram for success. It helps in many areas such as weight loss, smoking, pain management, stress, enhancing sports and learning abilities, self-healing and so on.

Subliminal communication bypasses conscious awareness and all of its defense mechanisms. This changes self-talk, or beliefs held in the subconscious, and as these changes occur, our life experience improves. It helps in dealing with our fears, doubt, and limitations and leads to improved quality of life. He has seen much success with his Prosperity and Abundance and Spiritual Healing for cancer programs.

Eldon Taylor's book offers a simple and straightforward course, with included CD, for the reader to gain information and to experience needed skills and increased mental abilities through hypnosis and subliminal-learning strategies and technologies. These alter various beliefs and behaviors to facilitate positive change.

He mentions that many people have been reluctant to use these tools in large part because they've been mired in mystique, urban legend and disinformation. But both are backed up by extensive research that demonstrates their efficacy. People cannot be made to do something that would go against their own inner standards/values, and if pushed in this way would simply come out of hypnosis. Virtually every day, Eldon uses these tools himself. He mentions two helpful subliminal programs, Accelerated Healing and Well Being and Quantum Plus or Quantum Younging, and he uses self-hypnosis for meditation and sleep.

Book Launch drawings and gifts
With the purchase of the book during the launch event, many of Eldon's friends and colleagues are offering fabulous bonus gifts, and there are numerous drawings for some great gifts from personalities such as Linda Evans, Dee Wallace, Norm Shealy, M.D., Crystal Andrus, Dr. Alex Loyd, Caroline Sutherland, Shazzie, and Steven Halpern. In addition is a drawing to win 2 tickets, airfare and hotel to a Hay House I Can Do It Conference, where there will be a chance to see Wayne Dyer, Eldon Taylor and other prominent self-help authors.

Click the link below to learn more about drawings, gifts and blog tour hosts.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Help. I'm On Overload

Do you ever feel like that? Like the motor inside is running so fast, you can't slow down? I don't know if it's the fast-paced world we live in, or if I got caught in some kind of an invisible whirlwind. But I forgot to pay attention to my rate of speed and my brain went into overload.

My first clue was this morning when I arrived at my writer's group meeting, noticed I had forgotten my notebook and had to go all the way back home and get it. Then during the meeting, I heard my own voice jabbering on at times when I should have been listening. It was kind of like an echo that sounded like me, and then I realized it was me. Well, at the time, I didn't know how to back up, so I just rambled on.

The first thing to do when you get caught in a whirlwind is to stop...stop...just stop. Take a deep breath and examine what's going on inside, because inside is always the place to begin when you realize something's not right with the way you're feeling. So when I got home and safely in my house, I stopped and checked what was going on inside. Yeah, I had allowed too many commitments in too short a time to overload my nervous system and cause a short-circuit. I was in that whirlwind and couldn't find my way out. I think a lot of people today are functioning in that state, and don't even realize they've short-circuited.

Then I began drawing on what I know about whirlwinds, and figuring ways to escape and find a quiet, peaceful place again. My recovery plan began with erasing everything from my calendar that I could re-schedule or cancel. Then I took a long, slow walk around my back yard barefoot and let Mother earth replenish me with calming energy. (I live in Florida, so I can do that in mid October) Later I drank 2 cups of chamomile tea with honey, then sprawled out on my living room floor breathing deeply and reciting quiet affirmations. I would have listened to some quiet music, but my CD player is broken. Now I feel like I'll survive, but it will take several days to get back on my pace and balance regimen. And I need to share a hug, so I'll hang around church on Sunday.

A word of advice: If you experience overload, remember that overload doesn't happen suddenly. It slowly creeps up on you when you're not looking, and then it bops you up side of your head and disconnects those circuits that keep you calm and sane. Slow down. You don't need to run so fast. Pace and balance your life, and you'll land on your feet with your mind and heart in the right place.

I wish you quiet peace every day.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How And Why To Let Go

Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own. Bruce Lee  

Today in many parts of the world nature is letting go of the old to prepare for the new to blossom in the spring. Trees lose their leaves, animals look for places to hibernate, perennials seem to die off until spring when it's time to bloom anew. We could take a lesson from nature. Our lives are heavy with old ideas, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us, or never served us in the first place.

All of life moves in cycles. There's a time for holding back, and a time for producing, a time for growing, and a time for resting, a time for letting go of the old and a time for embracing the new. But we humans resist the normal changes our bodies, minds and hearts are meant to experience. You've heard the saying, "It was good enough for my Daddy, and it's good enough for me."

During World War 2, we saved aluminum foil and tin cans to recycle for the war effort. I no longer save aluminum foil and tin cans. Sometimes I could only take sponge baths, because we shared a bathroom with 3 other apartments. Now I bathe whenever I want. I was taught I could never have more than bare necessities, I could never be a journalist, and my only goal in life was to be a wife and mother. I held onto those beliefs for a long time.  

Last year I did a thorough housecleaning and found mounds of "stuff" I haven't used in years, and would never use again. Boxes went to the Salvation Army. Then I did some inner housecleaning and found some old ideas and beliefs that were just cluttering up my brain. So I began cleaning out those that no longer apply to my life or serve me now. I've done this housecleaning several times in my life, but I've grown to realize this needs to be done each year when trees lose their leaves. What a great reminder.

What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. Abraham Maslow 

I think nature knows things we adults have forgotten about living a purposeful life. Maybe we forget because we rarely listen to what our all-knowing inner voice tells us. Think about what ideas, beliefs and behaviors are no longer true or useful for you. If you hang onto old stuff, you can keep yourself stuck where you are now. Or you can clean out what needs to go, and grow into what will move you forward to new wondrous experiences. Nothing in nature stands still. Why should you?

Work on shedding your old leaves and look forward to blossoming in the spring. You are a beautiful part of nature.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How Old Is Old And What Does That Mean?

Recently I taught a class in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the University of North Florida, a program for people 50 years of age and older. The subject of my class was "The Influence of Childhood Messages on Adult Life", and we used two characters from my book, "Silent Echoes" as case studies. I taught the same class last year, and enjoyed it both times. However, this time the idea of age drew my attention.

Everything in life is put into categories, including who and what we are. Different cultures have different concepts of what age is old and what it means to be old. Some apply status and wisdom to old, some just tolerate it, some consider old useless, and others just recognize the person and don't make an issue of age.

I happen to live in a part of the world where emphasis seems to be mostly on youth, with great fear of aging. How horrible for someone to reach the age of 60. And older than that? Just get out the've had your day. Is that attitude a lack of understanding or misplaced values? Or both? Not that everyone has that attitude, but it does seem to be the prevalent perception of old.

Well, I have to say that the students in my class shot holes in that attitude. There were 13 intelligent, dynamic and vibrant older folks who were learning and growing far more than many of their younger counterparts, and with their inner child spirit in high gear. What a room full of living, loving energy that could give hope to anyone dreading the older years.

The body may age, but you are not your body. You are your inner, higher Self. This is who and what you are. The people in my class were living in bodies that had changed over the years, but their Self had grown, and was still growing, into more of who they really are.

When my mother was old (as we perceive old), I cared, but I didn't understand what it means to be old. And I guess a person can't understand what old is until they get there. Yes, there is a downside to being old. But oh, what a remarkable discovery to witness, respect and value that beautiful young spirit living inside the aging body.

I say thank you to my class members who reminded me of who we really are. And I will remember that every time I look into a mirror and feel like I can't find me in there. I will look past appearances and see my Self.

I wish you a happy life with your inner child.