Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

Today is December 21, 2012, a date for much speculation around the world. Everything in our universe has always moved in cycles, and from what I've read from many sources, my opinion is with those who see this as a universal time of transition from one cycle into another. And today marks the beginning of a New Age in which the earth and its inhabitants can undergo a positive physical and spiritual transformation.

According to scientific reports, our universe is expanding at a rapid rate, and for many years our solar system has been in the midst of a shift. The earth is going through an unusual upheaval. The magnetic shield that surrounds the earth is shifting, going into a reversal, and the earth's pulse is speeding up. Our universe has traveled one path for many years and is now turning the corner on a new phase of its journey through time, an era in which we make an evolutionary leap to the next dimension.

This process has been studied by astronomers, quantum physics, and scientists from various fields, and prophesized by Galactic synchronization by Jose Arguelles in the Mayan Factor, Greg Braden and his study of the Galactic alignment, Terence McKenna's i-Ching Time Wave Theory, Nostradamus, and the Hopi indians.

For many yeas we've seen changes taking place all around the world leading up to 2012. We've seen increased violence, greed, unrest and upheaval everywhere. Governments are crumbling and institutions are failing. Even mother nature is on a rampage. Our old ways and behavior patterns no longer work as they have in the past, and life becomes increasingly complicated. And the earth and humanity are crying out for help in our chaotic world.

There have been many times in the history of civilization when the climate was right for a spiritual leap forward, and this is one of those times when strong forces in the universe are now in a position to help us take that move forward. Now in this new cycle we have the opportunity and the power to set up a wiser, stronger and more fulfilling path. Everything in the universe is energy, including humanity, and we are all one with the universe, governed by universal laws. As these shifts take place they affect our universe, our earth home, and our personal life right down to our DNA on a cellular level. 

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me. Seymour Miller and Jill Jackson

Our solar system is passing through a very high vibrational band of energy flooding the earth, and this New Age we're entering provides new ways of managing our lives if we're willing to raise our vibrational level in harmony with the shift; if we're willing to make changes in the outer and express our light from within to transform the darkness for a more loving and peaceful world; if we're willing to unite in love with all the world.

We're shifting into a new elevated consciousness. As we shine our beautiful light, we elevate our vibration not only for ourself, but for the whole planet. Join your mind and heart with those many groups around the world who are now moving with this new cycle of love, peace and harmony in our world.

I wish unfolding love and peace in your life.

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  1. Best discription I've read yet about what's happening. Clearly you've studied a lot about it.

    Merry Christmas, my friend. May you be surrounded by peace, tranquility and joy.