Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Time To Embrace Your True Self

Last week I talked about our transition into a new consciousness of love and peace, and our choice to either stay stuck in our old ways or go forward in a new way of life. Now in this transition cycle, we have the opportunity and power to diminish the darkness and express more light in our lives and in the world. Sometimes it's hard to see the beauty that's in each of us, and that we're all part of a universal family, but each time we release something that doesn't serve us in a positive way, more of our true self emerges, we become more aware of our connection with others, and we become more receptive to blessings the Universe has for us. We are quite remarkable beings.

As you work each day releasing negative issues from your life, it's important to also concentrate on positive change. To release the old and bring in the new, some of the same techniques will apply to both.
Embrace the new:
1. Go within and ask for insight and guidance to discover and experience positive change in your life. Listen for appropriate thoughts and ideas. Your inner Voice will be talking to you.
2. Make a list of positive changes you want to see in your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. List changes you want to have and do in your outer life.
3. Make a list of your intentions, and write a commitment statement. Include your intention to greet each day with an open heart and mind, receptive to each opportunity that comes to you. Read these every day and add to them as new ideas come to mind.
4. Create a happier environment--music, plants, colors, aromas, positive people. Get a dog. :)
5. Notice your thoughts and actions as you go through each day. Create new ways that work better than the old ones.
6. Keep a list handy to jot down thoughts, feelings and actions that you're pleased with, that make you feel happy, that make you smile. These represent your real self. This is what you want to see emerge and expand in your life.
7. Make a point every day to share some love and light with others. Maybe a loved one, a friend, a store clerk, someone you pass on the street. Just let your light shine.
8. Praise yourself for every success. You're discovering the hidden parts of yourself that have always been there, and you deserve praise.
9. Each night review progress and express gratitude.

As you work each day releasing the old and embracing the new, your life will become more clear to you, and you'll see yourself and your life in a new way. You will see yourself as a beautiful  individual and also part of a universal family. We belong to ourself, but we also belong to each other. And this belonging can bring much happiness. 

Transition takes time. Stay focused, be patient with yourself, and allow the process to unfold. And when you feel like giving up, take a rest and start over. But don't give up. Go with the universal flow, and open your arms to a new loving and peaceful world.

I wish you beautiful discoveries.


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