Friday, January 18, 2013

You're Not Done Yet

On our journey through life, we don't function on the same track all the time. For a while everything moves along at a steady predictable pace, and then one of those bumps in the road projects us into a state of chaos, or at least to a point where we need to resurrect our problem-solving gear and get busy reducing its influence on our nervous system. That's okay if it doesn't last too long. But what happens when it lasts for days, months, even years, and there's no end in sight? We think, there's no way out, I can't deal with this anymore, I feel like giving up.

There are 2 ways to deal with a challenge in life. Either resolve it or accept it. Some challenges are temporary, and some are chronic with no way to resolve them. And all may be difficult to accept. But giving up is not resolving them or accepting them. Giving up gives the challenge tremendous power over you, and accentuates the painful influence it has on your well being.

When you've tried every way you know to resolve a challenge, and it's still there, accepting it means making peace with it, letting go of the way you feel about it, and the way you respond to it. And yes, this will take some inner work. But that's where you create everything anyway. So that's where you can un-create something. Talk to your challenge with denials and affirmations; "I deny you have any power over me, and I affirm peace in my heart as I release any painful response or feelings about you." Repeat every time the challenge comes to mind. And be patient. Challenges are stubborn.

Each of us is blessed with everything we need to survive, and even thrive, on our journey, and we have more powerful strength within us than we ever imagined. What we need will come when we get quiet and receptive, and allow it to emerge. Don't force. Even if you don't believe it now, allow whatever you need to emerge anyway, and know that it will.

Giving up means you think you're done. But you're still here, so you must not be done yet. There's more for you to do in your life. And getting past your latest challenge can get you back up on track to move forward again. Think about all the challenges you've come through in the past. Some were pretty difficult and painful. But you got through them. And you can get through every single one.

Make a list of things you have yet to do. You think there's nothing there? Back up and think again. Of course there are things waiting for you, things that no one else can do. Sometimes my prayer is, "Lord, please tell me what is mine to do, and give me the strength and wisdom to do it." I do get answers. And I know I'm not done. In all of my tomorrows I can begin again. And so can you.

Wishing you many happy tomorrows

PS. I wrote this post for anyone in need of the message. And for me too. Sometimes I need a reminder. Thank you for listening.

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