Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Little Bird Told Me

Everything in life is connected. We live and breathe and produce life energy, and by this we are connected. We tend to separate people from animals, birds, fish, plants, and all the taken-for-granted creatures we encounter. But each has a kind of intelligence, and we can communicate.

Recently I was sitting on my patio, and I heard a bird singing. I looked up and spied a bright red cardinal sitting on a tree branch singing his little heart out. So I puckered up and gave him my best whistle, answering as close as possible to the one the cardinal was singing. Well, that bird whistled back and waited for my answer. Then each time I answered, the bird answered, and we had a real conversation going. Suddenly he flew down onto the ground and began walking toward me continuing our back and forth exchange.

Talking with a bird was a most wonderful experience until I noticed this big cat sitting in a corner of the patio watching the scenario. My first thought was danger. When I didn't answer the bird, hoping he would fly away, that was the end of our happy encounter. I don't think he saw the cat, so he must have gotten my message. Or maybe he just thought I was tired of talking, because he flipped his tail and flew back up into the tree. He was safe now. Maybe neither of us knew what the other had said in our conversation, but the message itself was clear, "Talking with you makes me happy."

Dogs seem to know exactly what you're saying. When I first got my Siamese kitten, my dog stayed under the bed for 5 days. She wouldn't eat, and I had to pick her up and take her outside morning and night. After trying everything, I got frustrated and said, "Unless you come out of there, I'll take the cat back and you can be alone again while I'm working." Well, a little while later I was watching TV, and here she came, sat my chair, and looked up at me. I knew exactly what she was saying. "Please don't take the cat back. I'll be good." For many years, those two were best friends, and spoke to each other quite well as speaking with me.

Okay, so I'm not a bird or dog whisperer. But I can't mistake the conversations I've had with all kinds of critters, even lizards in my yard. Maybe not in words, but when I listen I get their message, and their responses tell me they understand. In some way, we communicate, and we're connected.

The universe is filled with wonderment far beyond our daily encounters with people. Even the planets know  where to move in the heavens. And the earth knows how to pulsate at its center. Everything is connected in Divine Order, and we are a part of that Divine plan. Take time to open your mind and heart, notice, and listen. Being a part of the universe and enjoying the seemingly impossible is a blessing. Don't miss it.

I wish you joyful encounters.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Journey

It's a long journey through life, and as we move through various stages we may not realize that each stage is a gift with it's challenges, opportunities, lessons, and yes, blessings. Generally we just move along and don't much notice until something happens to jolt us into a realization that time passes and change takes place. And sometimes we don't welcome the change. Our culture is a youth oriented world. As people age, we want to put them out to pasture, get them out of the way. Just try to find a pair of jeans that come above your hips or a style you'd wear past the age of 50. And too many lonely people are in nursing homes.

We all know nostalgia, and sometimes we want to go back. Ah, how I remember when I rocked my babies, rode on the sled with them when they got older, took my son to get a gash in his head sutured when he fell off his bike, ordered art lessons for my other son, and made my daughter's prom dress--among thousands of other memories, some wonderful, some not so wonderful. You know what I mean. You have yours too. Did you realize time was passing when you lived those years? I didn't. I just took it all for granted--except the traumatic experiences. I just wanted out of those.

Then one day I looked around, and realized I had gone through several more life stages. I had aged, and I wondered where it all went--those precious memories, my clear skin, my flat tummy and my firm rear end. Wow, it must have happened when I wasn't looking. I wanted to keep the happy times. Then I remembered the mistakes, and oh, how I wanted to go back and do those over. I thought about what I might have learned from them, and I was surprised at how much I had learned. At least I wouldn't make the same ones again. But what about now? Was I learning now or drifting? I wasn't sure. It kind of felt like drifting, so I made a commitment to be aware of my life in each stage, and face each day with trust in God and myself, with intention and hope for a more meaningful life. When I falter and need reminders, I'm sure they will present themselves.

So much is said about living in the present, but I think we don't realize the full meaning of the word "living." To live, to learn, to savor, to share, to be aware of self and others, and to know where we are on our journey and what we want to do with it. We have the power to create the quality of our life in spite of challenges. Did you know that? You're probably a lot smarter than you used to be, so you're more able to create the quality you want.

Think about where you are now, and where you want to go. Hang on to those precious moments from the past, and let go of your mistakes. You did the best you could according to your growing ability at the time. Every stage in life is equally important with opportunities to learn and grow in new ways. You are not what you have or do. You are the forever beautiful being inside who is on a glorious journey to self-realization, and you can't find that if you overlook your purpose or fret about moving along where you need to be. Life may not offer the same experiences it did in past stages, but don't miss the great ones that are there now. There is Divine purpose in all of it, and you are part of that Divine plan for yourself and humanity.

Hang on and enjoy the ride.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Anyika Barr Book Review

Today I'm pleased to present a preview of Anyika Barr's book, High Vibe, a book that can lift your spirits with the very first page.

About the author
Anyika Barr is a 48 year old mother of two, and lives in the UK. She is an entrepreneur working in the medical profession. Her motivation to write her book came from living through various difficult times in her  life, and then discovering three years ago that her niece, who was born deaf, was diagnosed with Ushers Syndrome and faces the possibility of blindness through Retinitis Pigmentosa, an inherited cause of blindness and part of Ushers Syndrome. Anyika worked on her own life and hopes, through her book, to help others find the peace and happiness she has found in hers. Profits from High Vibe will be donated to RP Fighting Blindness UK and The Coalition for Ushers Research in the US.

High Vibe
High Vibe is seventy four pages of simple ways to brighten your life, and each page contains thoughts and ideas that can be applied to anyone. Readers are encouraged to take a second look at their lives, and go within  to find their own inner wisdom and strength to bring about more of the peace and contentment they want in their lives. Anyika includes some of her own experiences in her writing, and she writes in a simple, easy and uncomplicated manner. As I read her book, I felt as if she were talking directly to me. She talks to her readers. Each day I enjoy flipping through the book to one page for a message for that day.
High Vibe offers the reader ideas that can be applied to any life situation: inner needs for the self, ways to improve outer situations such as work, relationships, finances, and general quality of life. Anyika believes that changing the way you see the world, the world becomes more clear with a wiser and more peaceful direction for living.

This is a book you can carry with you when you need that certain lift from worry or apprehension, when you need to get your mind back in a peaceful place, when you need to smile. This book is designed to lift your vibrations to a higher level of thinking and feeling, and will help you develop a new and more productive approach to life. One page will give you the encouragement you need.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Anger Management PDQ

I had a post planned for today, but right now I'm so filled with frustration, bordering, not bordering on...its full blown anger. So I have to vent. I'm old enough to remember when efficiency was an admired and used human quality in our society. But today, it seems to have lost its importance in our lives.

Three weeks ago I had some blood work done at a lab I've used many times. Then the next day I saw a medical Specialist. The lab was supposed to send a report to my Primary Physician, and the Specialist also was supposed to send a letter to him. Well, I waited patiently for my Primary Physician to contact me for an appointment to discuss both results. Since I hadn't heard from him, I called him today. He had no communication from either place. #^$*&%@(.

It's not like I have nothing to do but track down what somebody didn't do. Now I had to call each place to ask them what happened and encourage them to send their reports. First step--locate phone numbers. I have a card for the Specialist, but the lab required going through a stack of phone books to find the number, some books so old I should have thrown them out years ago. So now I just threw them across the room.

Well, the lab didn't answer their phone at all, and there was no way to leave a message. At the Specialist's office, a recording told me to leave a message, and someone would reply within 24 hours. Glad this isn't an emergency (Or maybe it is for the sake of my stress level and blood pressure). Anyway, I have now decided to go to each office in person and try to get this straightened out. The price of gas in expensive, and I'm in no mood to talk to anyone in a civil manner. But I've already waited three weeks, and that's long enough.

I don't know what I'll get accomplished today, but I do know I need to begin immediately working on anger control. Unresolved anger makes people sick, and sick is already why I went to the doctors and had the lab work done. This feels like a merry-go-round, and I want off.

Sooooo, I'll sit in my comfortable chair, breathe deeply, light my lavender candle and breathe in the sweet aroma, picture a quiet peaceful scene in my mind, feel a calm breeze waft gently over me, allow calming relaxation to gradually sift down through all of the cells and atoms in my body, and express gratitude for the peace and tranquility I feel. Wow. Then I'll put on my helmet and boots and go confront those @$#%&^*( for putting me in this situation. However, it may turn out to be my fault, and in that case I will take another deep breath and gracefully apologize.

I wish you smooth sailing in all your endeavors in this crazy world. :)