Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Little Bird Told Me

Everything in life is connected. We live and breathe and produce life energy, and by this we are connected. We tend to separate people from animals, birds, fish, plants, and all the taken-for-granted creatures we encounter. But each has a kind of intelligence, and we can communicate.

Recently I was sitting on my patio, and I heard a bird singing. I looked up and spied a bright red cardinal sitting on a tree branch singing his little heart out. So I puckered up and gave him my best whistle, answering as close as possible to the one the cardinal was singing. Well, that bird whistled back and waited for my answer. Then each time I answered, the bird answered, and we had a real conversation going. Suddenly he flew down onto the ground and began walking toward me continuing our back and forth exchange.

Talking with a bird was a most wonderful experience until I noticed this big cat sitting in a corner of the patio watching the scenario. My first thought was danger. When I didn't answer the bird, hoping he would fly away, that was the end of our happy encounter. I don't think he saw the cat, so he must have gotten my message. Or maybe he just thought I was tired of talking, because he flipped his tail and flew back up into the tree. He was safe now. Maybe neither of us knew what the other had said in our conversation, but the message itself was clear, "Talking with you makes me happy."

Dogs seem to know exactly what you're saying. When I first got my Siamese kitten, my dog stayed under the bed for 5 days. She wouldn't eat, and I had to pick her up and take her outside morning and night. After trying everything, I got frustrated and said, "Unless you come out of there, I'll take the cat back and you can be alone again while I'm working." Well, a little while later I was watching TV, and here she came, sat my chair, and looked up at me. I knew exactly what she was saying. "Please don't take the cat back. I'll be good." For many years, those two were best friends, and spoke to each other quite well as speaking with me.

Okay, so I'm not a bird or dog whisperer. But I can't mistake the conversations I've had with all kinds of critters, even lizards in my yard. Maybe not in words, but when I listen I get their message, and their responses tell me they understand. In some way, we communicate, and we're connected.

The universe is filled with wonderment far beyond our daily encounters with people. Even the planets know  where to move in the heavens. And the earth knows how to pulsate at its center. Everything is connected in Divine Order, and we are a part of that Divine plan. Take time to open your mind and heart, notice, and listen. Being a part of the universe and enjoying the seemingly impossible is a blessing. Don't miss it.

I wish you joyful encounters.


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