Sunday, March 10, 2013

Anyika Barr Book Review

Today I'm pleased to present a preview of Anyika Barr's book, High Vibe, a book that can lift your spirits with the very first page.

About the author
Anyika Barr is a 48 year old mother of two, and lives in the UK. She is an entrepreneur working in the medical profession. Her motivation to write her book came from living through various difficult times in her  life, and then discovering three years ago that her niece, who was born deaf, was diagnosed with Ushers Syndrome and faces the possibility of blindness through Retinitis Pigmentosa, an inherited cause of blindness and part of Ushers Syndrome. Anyika worked on her own life and hopes, through her book, to help others find the peace and happiness she has found in hers. Profits from High Vibe will be donated to RP Fighting Blindness UK and The Coalition for Ushers Research in the US.

High Vibe
High Vibe is seventy four pages of simple ways to brighten your life, and each page contains thoughts and ideas that can be applied to anyone. Readers are encouraged to take a second look at their lives, and go within  to find their own inner wisdom and strength to bring about more of the peace and contentment they want in their lives. Anyika includes some of her own experiences in her writing, and she writes in a simple, easy and uncomplicated manner. As I read her book, I felt as if she were talking directly to me. She talks to her readers. Each day I enjoy flipping through the book to one page for a message for that day.
High Vibe offers the reader ideas that can be applied to any life situation: inner needs for the self, ways to improve outer situations such as work, relationships, finances, and general quality of life. Anyika believes that changing the way you see the world, the world becomes more clear with a wiser and more peaceful direction for living.

This is a book you can carry with you when you need that certain lift from worry or apprehension, when you need to get your mind back in a peaceful place, when you need to smile. This book is designed to lift your vibrations to a higher level of thinking and feeling, and will help you develop a new and more productive approach to life. One page will give you the encouragement you need.


  1. M, I know you want to get out of the reviewing business, but you sure do a good job. I've wanted to buy each of the books you've written about.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I think I've done my last one. It kind of feels good withdrawing from some stuff, and having more time for other stuff.