Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Time of Renewal

Recently I drove through neighborhoods around my house to watch spring bursting with color. I do this every year. Everywhere I looked, pink, red, blue, yellow flowers said, "Look at me. I'm alive, expressing who and what I am." I sit on my patio and watch my huge azalea bush, that has never been trimmed, producing thousands of beautiful blossoms. It's breathtaking, and the joy I feel is hard to contain. Life coming forth at just the precise time and in the precise way according to nature's plan. And each of us has our own unique plan with colors that express our essence from within. What are your colors? How do you express who and what you are? This is the time of year to blossom as you.

Fall and winter energy pulls us in and says slow down, let go, and regroup. Spring and summer energy pushes us out and says move forward, take on the new, and express your colors. This is something many people never think about, and they miss the joy of renewed expression in their lives. Just like everything in nature we're wired for seasonal change, physically, mentally, and spiritually. And we can't help responding to those seasonal changes. We can either respond with resistance and become more physically disturbed and less motivated, or we can answer the call and become more healthy and invigorated. Now is when old painful experiences can pass away and make room for a new beginning, like flowers budding anew after a hard freeze. We've all been through those hard freezes. But we need to open our minds and hearts to new possibilities that present themselves every spring.

I think the place to begin is removing clutter from our lives--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual clutter. I recently shredded a large pile of old papers and donated items to the Salvation Army. I'll continue with the physical clutter, but I'm also working on getting my head in the right place, watching my worry feelings, and listening more closely to the still, small Voice within that always leads me in the right direction. It's a start, and I can feel my colors promoting positive changes in my life. A time of renewal.

Welcome this time in your life with gratitude when energy increases and creative juices push you forward to new and rewarding experiences. Take time to answer the call of spring within you, and allow yourself to blossom in new ways. The ways will come when you're willing to explore them. We go through this time every spring, but every spring is new. And every spring, you can be a new you.

I wish you beautiful new creations in your life.


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