Thursday, May 16, 2013

Seeking Abundance

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. Wayne Dyer

We usually think of abundance as applied to money, but it applies to every issue in life. This can come in positive and negative ways. And sometimes we have too much abundance in heavy burdens we carry on our shoulders through life. But what if we could change that to love, peace, wisdom, happy relationships, health, work we love, money we need, even hugs and belly laughs.

Each of us has everything we need inside to create an abundant life. But we have to teach our mind to stop going in counter productive directions with worry, fretting, frustration, poor self-esteem, etc. and those childhood messages that stay in our heads that say, "You can't have that, you don't deserve that, you're not capable, shame on you." Those negative thoughts and messages are not true. You have every right to have, be, and do whatever you want to live a full, rewarding, happy life.

Abundance already exists. It's a universal law. And the Divine Source of all our good is within us. We're always connected to it, but not always aware of it. Our responsibility is to turn away from a sense of lack and tune into the inner Divine Source for the good we want in our life.

1.  Make a list of abundance you want, and state your intention to have it.
2.  Affirm that your inner Divine Source is the true source of all your good, and that your abundance is already yours, even if you don't feel this is true.
3.  Develop awareness. Each day pay attention to your thoughts, and when you notice negative thinking, a sense of lack, confront the thought and affirm abundance. "I am cared for in every way. My needs are being met. I am greatly blessed."
4.  Develop an attitude of abundance. Think abundance. Expect and trust that what you want will manifest, even if you don't yet feel trusting.
5.  Develop an attitude of gratitude. Every day look for things for which to be grateful. A smile from a stranger, a parking place at the grocery store, a good nights sleep. And thank your inner Divine Source for all your good.
6.  Be patient with yourself, and give it time. Don't give up.

As you go through each day, consciously use your tools for change with intention. You'll know what is yours to do, and you'll see what you want effortlessly manifesting in your life. You may have spent many years feeling lack, but positive change will come.

I wish you a happy, abundant life.


PS. I'm a person who needs reminders of what I already know, because sometimes I slip back into my old ways of thinking. So I'm now again on a path to create the kind of abundance in my life that brings a happy sense of well-being. I'd be happy to have you join me.

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  1. You are so right. Thinking all the time about how much I don't have isn't very productive. I'm going to try all your suggestions and see what happens. I have a feeling abundance is all around, I just have to look for it.