Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finding Work Satisfaction

Recently I saw some research on TV about job satisfaction, and I was surprised at this revelation, although I shouldn't have been surprised given how our world has changed. I don't remember the exact figures, but according to this report a large number of people are greatly dissatisfied, many somewhat dissatisfied, and many are no longer even mentally or emotionally involved while on the job.

Since I worked in the mental health field for many years, I look at the psychological reasons for this much dissatisfaction where we spend most of our daily life. It's not only a response to what goes on outside of ourself, but it's something else that's going on inside too. We humans have basic needs that must come from both our outer world and our own inner sense of well being. And many of these needs are not being met in our work life today.

In our outer world we need validation and appreciation for the work we do. This means earning a fair wage and receiving fair treatment in a safe and congenial workplace where we can enjoy doing what we're doing. Utopia? Not really. I remember when most work places were like this.

I raised 3 children doing waitress work, and while it was hard work and I sometimes dealt with rude customers, employees were not taken for granted like cattle to be prodded into submission. We were valued and appreciated, and this was reflected in the work environment. Most of the people I knew worked in these situations. Not so in many places today. We live in a different world.

There's also something inside of us that needs to be fulfilled, that innate need to create and find satisfaction in our creation. How wonderful if you find this in your job, but if not, it can be found in something you just enjoy doing. Either way, we are creators, and we must create.

If you have a job you don't enjoy, or you even feel miserable in it and can't find a better environment, focusing on that inner creative satisfaction can compensate for the negatives at work, reduce daily stress, and make a big difference in your life. So continue doing the best you can in your job, and create something in your life that says your life matters. I know people  who have a full time job, but they refer to something they're doing on their own as their work. This could mean volunteering, gardening, cooking, writing, music, sharing knowledge in a particular subject like nutrition or jogging. Anything you enjoy. All of this takes some creativity.

You can create a sense of joy in yourself and sometimes in others with the personal work you do, and the job you go to everyday won't be such a chore.

I wish you fulfilling creations.



  1. Gratitude may be one of the keys to satisfaction. Being grateful to have a job in this economy. But it's so hard to feel grateful when every day feels like drudgery. I've noticed the nurses and aides at the nursing home where my friend is recuperating. Many wonder in and out of the room like robots, seldom smile or speak to the patients except for medical reasons. As I watched one aide clean her kazillionth dirty diaper for the day, I wondered how she did that work day in and day out. Not one I'd like to have. Yet, I still expected her to do her job with kindness, which I didn't see a lot of. Others, on the other hand, were genuine caregivers. I think there was something different inside them.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I think some people get so fed up with their job, they forget kindness and consideration. That's when inner fulfillment and yes, gratitude, are so important. I think crabby people are not happy inside anyway. But when I see disgruntled employees, I also wonder how they're treated behind the scenes. I wouldn't want to be in the job world today.