Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Need to Belong

The human spirit has many needs, and one is the need to belong. Somewhere inside we know we're not meant to be alone. And we do belong in the little boxes we create for our life with connections that make our life more meaningful. But we're also part of the larger whole, that sea of humanity in which each of us has a vital place. Sounds lofty and grand. But when we expand our presence outside of our box in a larger way, we realize a greater dimension of who we are and why we're here. Recently, this was illustrated for me when my writers group had our end of the year celebration. We take the summers off.

We're 12 writers in 2 groups led by Carol, our talented, knowledgeable, loving leader. And once each year we come together to celebrate our writing and each other. We met at a restaurant with about 40 guests who came to listen, support, and have fun with us. We each read something we wrote during the year, and what a diverse array of wonderful stories and skits. I read part of a chapter from the book I'm writing now, Me and Granmama in the Hill Country in southern dialect. We laughed, cried, clapped, whooped, hollered and roared for each other. Each of us had our time on stage, and guests saw their loved ones in wonderful rare moments. Each person was an individual wrapped in the arms of this larger group, contributing to the whole and totally belonging. I didn't know some of the guests who were there, but I reached out to every person, and I felt wonderful energy coming from all of them. I was seen in a different way, and I felt I belonged. I'm sure blessings were exchanged for everyone. This is what can happen when you reach out and belong to a caring group with shared interests.

 Everyone has a gift, a talent, or an interest to share with others, but oftentimes, we're not aware of anything special about ourself or we devalue what we have. What are you interested in? What brings you joy? Music, art, cooking, sports, caregiving, current events, teaching, exploring, camping, volunteering? The list is endless, and your gift is waiting to be shared.

You're more than what you see in the mirror everyday. You're a glorious person who can find joy in reaching out with others, in growing and discovering more of your true self. Too busy? My writers group meets twice each month, and I'm the only one without a full time job and family at home. And I have to say that each of us, through our group experience, has discovered much within ourselves we didn't know was there. What have you yet to discover within yourself? Join a group and find out.

I wish you a wonderful adventure.



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  2. That's okay, Mary. I'm sure it was a great post, and you thought to do it. Lv ya, friend.