Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Your Light From Within

For the past couple of weeks I've talked about the need for a sense of validation and belonging in the world. Knowing that your life matters. Looking for this outside of yourself is an important part of your connection with others, but the real strength and power of who you are must come from within. And that's the hard part.

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. Hafiz

To some degree we all experience inner negative messages about ourselves, and sometimes our self-image reveals more of our weaknesses than our strength. So we go through life short-changing ourselves. I can't, I mess everything up, I'm homely, I'm not worth much, etc. I had a friend who rarely admitted anything admirable about herself, but this impression was not true. So I sat down and gave her my impression. As I rattled off a dozen wonderful qualities I saw in her and times she had expressed these qualities, tears filled her eyes. She hadn't seen her true self. I convinced her to observe herself and look for those times when she expressed her strong points. She amazed herself with each discovery, and her wonderful self became real to her. Over time, she learned to let her light shine in her own eyes.

There's something innate in us that longs to express on our journey through life, but how can we shine if we're not aware of what we're working with in the first place? When I was a child, I watched my brother put together model airplanes. First he opened the box, then laid out each piece on the table and carefully identified each one. Some were ready to use as is, while others needed rough edges smoothed out. He was grateful for those ready to use pieces, and happily spent time on those that needed some work. No piece was more important than another. He needed all of them to create a plane that would fly.

By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before. Edwin Elliot

If we're to fly, we need to search inside the box, see all the pieces, and work with them without judgment. Take the time to open the box and look inside with love. Identify and accept those beautiful parts of yourself (they are there), and be willing to spend time with those parts that need some work. Now be grateful for all of it. It's you. It's your light. Shine as you're meant to shine. The world needs your special light.

I wish you a happy adventure.



  1. Marilyn, I don't usually understand Hafiz, but I really like this quote. I also love the story about your brother. I can just picture a little boy, very serious, examining all the pieces. My father put together several Heathkit televisions. Talk about a lot of pieces. And he did the same thing. Laid them all out and identified each one.
    Great metaphor, too!

    Now let's see if I can post this without losing it.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I think my childhood days meant more than I thought at the time. They all have something to say about now. Sometimes I don't remember enough good stuff about childhood.

  3. Hi Marilyn. I really appreciate this blog. I was very hurt today so I have gone online to search for anything that will help me feel better and I come across this (my 1st time blogging too. This how hurt I am). Throughout my life, family and relatives have played favorites, and it's always my brother. Though it hurt me a bit, I never held it against anyone, and now I know it's because of the Light Within that you mentioned. I think I am starting to lose that Light. For the last few years, my brother has been purposefully leaving me out of family activities. I usually find out that something is going when it has already happened, or from other relatives. I thought this was just my imagination, but today, I confirmed it. He specifically told my mom not to tell what was going on. My mom slipped in telling me this. He lies when he's confronted. I try not to let it get to me, but I am losing the light within.
    This blog has made me feel better, and I wanted to thank you for it.

  4. Dear Mizu, I'm so grateful that you found my blog. Sometimes we are led to what we need to see ourselves as the beautiful beings we are. Don't ever let another person, no matter who that is, put negative ideas in your mind about yourself. Know in your heart that your life matters, and if someone else can't see that, then it's their loss. Grab onto your light within and let it shine.
    I publish a post on my blog every Wednesday or Thursday, so check in each week, and perhaps some of the messages will help you keep going while you work on discovering your own light inside and letting it shine. You might also look at some of the older posts too. Once in awhile I enter a humorous one, so enjoy those too. I believe that humor is a blessing to be used often.
    I wish you peace and joy in your heart.