Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why And How To Release Life's Clutter

Are you one of those people who don't notice clutter around you until you have to step over it? And what about the clutter that builds up inside, the resentments, hurts and regrets that have no place to go? Clutter influences the way we feel, and over time it takes a toll on our well being. Everything in the universe is energy, and energy attracts like energy. So if your life is full of clutter, outer and inner, more clutter is what you'll attract. Releasing creates room for the kind of positive energy you want in your life.

I spend a lot of time in my office, so that's where I recently began my yearly release the clutter crusade. I attacked the problem with a box for trash, another for the Salvation Army, dust clothes, a broom, a bucket of hot sudsy water and a mop. Superwoman was ready. I went around the room tossing, saving, cleaning and rearranging, and even forced myself to release those old encyclopedias. I shed a few tears over letting to--we get so attached to things--but when I stood back and looked at my new room, I felt a different energy. Now when I spend time here, I like this feeling of newness within myself. So I'm gradually moving through each room in the same way.

Then there's the inner clutter, the stuff that gives us headaches and heartaches. We know it's there, but it's painful to deal with, so when it pops up we smack it back down below the surface and go on with our daily busy-ness and stuff we can't live without. You know. Like the latest TV episode of The Crazy Ladies in Chaoticville, or Chef Whatsit splitting a grape with his latest kitchen knife.

One way to tackle the inner stuff is to close your eyes, get quiet, and choose one thing you'd like to release from your life. Give it a color, shape and texture, and tell it you're letting it go with forgiveness and love. Then imagine a large balloon, drop what you're releasing into the balloon, close the top, and say goodbye with gratitude as you watch it slowly float upward and disappear into the sky. Be patient, and repeat if needed.

I suppose we can't ever get rid of all the headache and heartache stuff, but releasing is worth our on-going efforts. Someone said a good housecleaning is good for the soul. I know it makes for a happier heart. So do what you can with your clutter, and be happy.

I wish you happy clutter-cleaning days.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New And Better? C'mon.

It goes like this: Some young dynamo, in a company back office with thoughts of CEOship, comes up with a mind boggling idea for changing their product to a new and better version that would outsell competitors. And this great product then floods the market. Wow. Look out world. It's new and better. And this process applies to many products out there, including too many of the ones I use.

I long for an old style toothbrush like I used for years, and rarely needed dental work. The kind that had 3 or 4 same size bristles with a handle you didn't have to twist around your face to get it in your mouth. And it didn't have a motor to rattle your brains while you brushed. I also want my soft black leather sneakers back, and that gorgeous mauve pink lipstick.

For years my wonderful face moisturizer added a glow, and my skin didn't feel like a dried out sponge. But now that one is gone. And I don't see the thicker, harder to apply, new improved version creating any miracles for my aging skin that already visits the wrinkle farm. And the jar empties quickly, so I have to buy it more often. Bully for the company and its increased sales volume.

My personal email server (Not my blog email server) blocked me from opening my email, forcing me to switch to their new format, so I chose the basic one to keep it simple. But now they're pushing me to switch to their advanced format. They're driving me crazy with text cut off on the right side of the page, part of my contact addresses cut off, and I often get a "server hangup" notice when I try to delete emails. Then I have to keep reopening my email. My arm is being twisted out of shape. I complained, but only a computer tech could understand their solutions form letter. I opened a new email account, but I don't understand the 3 videos they furnished to show me how to use their new and better version. Where do I go from here?

This is the way the world is now, and there's no other world I can go to. I can't afford a bus ticket to Albuquerque, let alone a ticket to another country (Are they all like this one?) or a kinder planet out in space. I suppose I'm stuck with this modern "new and better" world. So I guess I'll just have to put up with the crap and use my Mental Stress Manual more often and meditate more.

Some would say we can't go backward. We have to move forward. And I agree. But that doesn't mean the move forward is always a healthy one. Today, more people depend upon pills for stress, anxiety and depression than any time in human history. New and better is only a part of our stress-causing world, but I'd sure like to see some of the simple life again.

I wish you some serenity in each day.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Could Your Childhood Vows Be The Answer?

Do you sometimes feel your life is more like a constant struggle instead of a journey you can enjoy, and you're confused about the way things in your life turn out? Many intelligent, good people have lives that are not what they envisioned for themselves. And the answer is probably in vows they made growing up that determine their quality of life.

Children receive messages from their environment about themselves, others, and the world, and they label them positive or negative, pleasant or painful. Then they create vows to protect themselves from the hurtful ones. These vows can affect any area of adult life such as personality, relationships, work, money, etc.

These messages can come in 3 ways, from something someone says directly to the child, or from experiences or observations. For example, someone says to a child, "You're stupid," or the child experiences not being chosen for the team at school, or they observe parents often fighting about money. And the child will create vows to protect himself or herself from hurtful feelings.

From the first message, the adult says, "I'm too stupid to do anything right, so I just won't even try to follow my dreams." From the second one, the adult says, "No one's going to choose me for the promotion at work, so I won't even apply." And from the third one, the adult says, "There's never going to be enough money, so I'll never expect to have much." Each of these vows may seem like protection, but in the long run they cause life struggles instead of a fulfilling journey, and they actually create more hurt.

I've overcome many of my childhood vows, but I'm still dealing with some of them. When I was six years old, after my father died, I vowed that I would take care of myself, never need anyone again, and never bother anyone with my problems. I've learned that vows don't usually lead to protection from the hurt. I've spent my life being independent, taking care of myself, and rarely asking for help. But I've learned it's lonely being alone inside. However, I've also learned that we can release our vows and have that fulfilling journey.

If you feel a vow may be affecting an area of your life in a negative way, observe your actions and behavior patterns in that area. These are clues. Then get quiet and ask your inner self to reveal what you need to know. Be patient and listen. When you discover a vow, expose it as being untrue, and confront it with the truth of yourself and the situation. You're intelligent, deserving, lovable, capable, and all those good qualities you were given when you were created. And believing otherwise is denying the truth and living a vow. Start working on those vows, and give them time to surface and disappear.

I wish you a happy, authentic journey.


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Healing With Acupuncture

Today I'm going to write about my experience with acupuncture, because that's what's on my mind, and I feel like sharing. However, I first want to say that I'm not an acupuncture expert in any way, and my sharing is not meant to influence anyone in that direction. Each person must choose their own method for healing physical, mental and emotional health challenges. And the choice is yours. I can only share what works for me.

I'm a believer in integrative medicine, combining conventional western medicine and alternative methods, sometimes with eastern origins. I'm blessed to have a doctor who uses both. And he actually listens to me, and we discuss issues. God bless him.

I've used acupuncture for 12 years with good results, although it didn't help me quit smoking. I'm still working on that. In the 90s I came through very painful fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue with deep muscle massage and acupuncture, and hepatitis C with acupuncture and Chinese herbs with no medicine for either. I used Bach Flower Remedies for depression and anxiety. All the pain stopped, I gained energy, and my liver enzymes remain normal. All of this treatment was under the care of an integrative physician.

I had to give up acupuncture when I ran out of money, but a friend of mine is using it with good results, and she recently gave me one of the greatest gifts of my life--a series of 10 treatments. Miracles do happen, and now I'm back with acupuncture. However, this time it's more in depth, because it's for a variety of health challenges rather than one specific focus. And my response is different. After each session, I spend a couple of days feeling sick before I feel better. As I understand the process, my body is releasing unwanted illness-causing energy, and while this is taking place, I feel sick. Then as this energy is released, my body becomes stronger and can heal. This is not a one-time deal though. It's like peeling an onion. One layer at a time, so there's more to come.

I don't expect to be permanently illness-free. After all, I do live in a human body, susceptible to all the illness-causing stuff in the human world. But it does help to clean out the vessel once in a while. Every person is different, and every acupuncture treatment is specific for each person. I'm just grateful I found the right one for my needs.

The body is an amazing creation. It can heal itself when given the right environment. Choose the way that's best for you, and don't forget daily love and good energy.

I wish you a healthy body, mind and spirit.