Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why And How To Release Life's Clutter

Are you one of those people who don't notice clutter around you until you have to step over it? And what about the clutter that builds up inside, the resentments, hurts and regrets that have no place to go? Clutter influences the way we feel, and over time it takes a toll on our well being. Everything in the universe is energy, and energy attracts like energy. So if your life is full of clutter, outer and inner, more clutter is what you'll attract. Releasing creates room for the kind of positive energy you want in your life.

I spend a lot of time in my office, so that's where I recently began my yearly release the clutter crusade. I attacked the problem with a box for trash, another for the Salvation Army, dust clothes, a broom, a bucket of hot sudsy water and a mop. Superwoman was ready. I went around the room tossing, saving, cleaning and rearranging, and even forced myself to release those old encyclopedias. I shed a few tears over letting to--we get so attached to things--but when I stood back and looked at my new room, I felt a different energy. Now when I spend time here, I like this feeling of newness within myself. So I'm gradually moving through each room in the same way.

Then there's the inner clutter, the stuff that gives us headaches and heartaches. We know it's there, but it's painful to deal with, so when it pops up we smack it back down below the surface and go on with our daily busy-ness and stuff we can't live without. You know. Like the latest TV episode of The Crazy Ladies in Chaoticville, or Chef Whatsit splitting a grape with his latest kitchen knife.

One way to tackle the inner stuff is to close your eyes, get quiet, and choose one thing you'd like to release from your life. Give it a color, shape and texture, and tell it you're letting it go with forgiveness and love. Then imagine a large balloon, drop what you're releasing into the balloon, close the top, and say goodbye with gratitude as you watch it slowly float upward and disappear into the sky. Be patient, and repeat if needed.

I suppose we can't ever get rid of all the headache and heartache stuff, but releasing is worth our on-going efforts. Someone said a good housecleaning is good for the soul. I know it makes for a happier heart. So do what you can with your clutter, and be happy.

I wish you happy clutter-cleaning days.



  1. I can organize til the cows come home (sorry about the cliche) but I'm still a clutterer at heart. It drives Jack crazy. A sparkling, clean office sounds divine. But in my case, it wouldn't stay that way long.

    As for the inside clutter, I remember doing a 4th and 5th Step from AA. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory, then shared it with another person. I chose to share it with a priest. We sat out on the church lawn, and with every "character defect" or clutter, I released a balloon. Because there are so many pine trees around, a couple got caught. I figured they just needed a little more nudging to actually be gone. I wonder now how many of those same things I've grabbed back again and again?

    Good food for thought, as usual.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I've found that one cleaning, inside and outer, doesn't last long, so I have to clean every now and then. But not too often if I can put it off.