Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Does Your Life Have Meaning?

Those who have a "why" to live, can bear with almost any "how".  Friedrich Nietsche

We long to understand the world we live in. So we assign meaning to people, situations and conditions in our life so they make sense and we can relate to them. But there's another world inside--the place where we put meaning, or lack of meaning, on our own life as a person. Some people are very aware of meaning in their life, while others still search for reasons to even get up in the morning.

You may ask yourself: Does my life count for anything? Do I matter? Am I of any importance in the world? Would I be missed if I disappeared? You may believe you don't matter because you haven't done anything that you believe merits greatness. Or you may focus on your failures rather than your successes, and the picture looks grey. But take another look at your life--how you express in your work, with family and friends, with strangers, with things you love to do, in your spiritual life. Only you can be you, and that in itself has meaning.

Whether you know it or not, you've touched lives. You have come through your own suffering, and no one else could have carried your load. It was yours. And there is meaning even in the suffering. Your life cannot be repeated or replaced. You cannot be replaced.

Each flower petal, each cloud in the sky, and each drop of water is unique unto itself, a Divine creation with its own mission to express its Self. This has meaning, and as with your life, this meaning is unconditional, unqualified, absolute. You are beautiful, and the world needs you. Express in your own unique way, and know in your heart, you have your own unique meaning in this world. 

I wish you love and peace as you express your meaningful Self.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Lesson In Trust

This week I experienced a good lesson in trust. That's what you need when your plate gets loaded, stress builds, all you can see is the problem, and you forget all those coping methods you know so well. It's immobilizing, and you feel alone and helpless. That's how I felt last week, so I reached out for help. I don't need any long term help for depression, but I needed understanding, compassion, and support to help me reduce stress, see clearly, and get through a temporary dilemma. Everyone goes through times like this, and this was one of my times. Several people responded, and their love and support helped me remember what I had forgotten to remember. To trust myself and the Voice inside that never fails me.

Later I spoke with a woman at my church and told her I was affirming that all is in Divine Order, and I'm working on trust. She smiled and said she had just received an article on trust and would send me a copy. The article was exactly what I needed, and it brought me to a place of peace and confidence while I work on resolving the problems. How's that for an answer to my plea for help.

My computer has totally died, and I'm working on a laptop that should have been trashed long ago. I haven't driven my car in 10 days. It's still in the shop getting a new head gasket. My new illness isn't life threatening, and I'm treating it. So I'm not done yet, but all is moving along.

The first step in problem solving has nothing to do with the problem itself. It's your own mental and emotional state about the problem. So trust may be a lesson I'll keep learning until I stop forgetting and finally remember to ask my inner Voice what I need to get me back on a peaceful path.Then once I'm on that path with trust, I can move through the problem with clarity, ease, and gratitude for a smoother journey.

So when problems jump up at you, and you feel that first jolt of panic, take a few deep breaths and remember to trust. You've probably been through thousands of crises in your life, as I have, and you're still here, still capable to doing what you need to do. And somehow the resources you need will come. Reach out to others for the love and support you need, and know you can trust yourself and your inner Voice. And like me, keep doing it until you've got it.

I wish you and me smooth sailing in the future.


Friday, September 13, 2013


Hello. I'm a little late this week because the Make Her Miserable Fairy has pushed me in a hole, and I'm trying to climb out. Usually, I write messages hoping to help others get through those bumps in life. But now I need help.

First my computer died, and won't boot back up. I'm now on an old ancient laptop with small writing I can hardly read, and the cursor keeps running away and gets lost somewhere in space. When it returns, I chase it, but it doesn't want to get caught. I don't have access to my Me And Granmama in the Hill Country book which I just finished and was editing (hope I haven't lost it). Or an essay I was also editing to submit for publication. Don't have my word processor and can't copy anyway.

Then had to have my car towed in to the mechanic who now says I need a head gasket, and I'd be without my car for a week. The cost to fix it amounts to more than my monthly income. I just had a birthday, and now I'm too old to walk to the bus stop. Couldn't make it.

Oh, I forgot. A new illness has just been added to the already long list of maladies I deal with everyday. Now I have to figure out how to find time for that one too. I've tried to find some new parts to replace the old worn out ones, but was told they're out of stock on the ones I need. Wish I could just order a whole new model, but I think God quit when he made this one.

Anyway, I need some feedback with ideas about how to respond to my latest strength testers. I'm probably in a transition tunnel, and eventually everything will get fixed. I'll get through it, but now I need some help responding to all of it to maintain my sanity. Should I use creative resourcefulness, use my trusty stress manual, scream, take a sleeping pill, count my blessings, go dance out in the back yard, pray, or just pack a bag and run away from home?

I don't know if anyone ever reads this blog, because I almost never get any comments, except for a kind friend sometimes that I really appreciate. But if someone is reading this and can find some compassion for this writer, please help me out with some comments. And if you need any help with anything, please let me know what you need. Unless I'm bombarded with too much at one time, like now, I can be a pretty good helper. And I do care about you. 

Thank you, thank you.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is It Stupidity or a Cluttered Mind?

I Can't believe I did that.
Do you ever do dumb things--of course you do--and then wonder if you're stupid? When I do dumb things, I feel stupid. But then I have to question if that's really true. If it is, then we live in a world of totally stupid people, because everybody goofs up sometimes. So I wonder what's going on with us.

I do okay, but there are times when I wonder where my brain went. Usually every other day I cook enough food for 2 days suppers. Then I get days off from cooking. Well, one time I searched in the fridge for my second meal, and it wasn't there. Then I wondered if I forgot I ate it. Later I found it in the cupboard behind the paper towels. No memory of how it got there. Another time I found myself driving around a cemetery trying to find my way out, and the last thing I remembered was 3 miles back. Hmm.

And recently my friend was browning some meat in a skillet, and it needed more oil. So she got some milk out of the fridge and poured it in the pan. As soon as it bubbled up, she realized what she'd done, and felt like her mind took a vacation. We laugh now, but we had to question why we do these things. Well, we decided it's because we don't stay in the present. Our minds wander, and we don't know it.

Years ago, some people called my mother a ding-a-ling, but she certainly was not a ding-a-ling. She was plenty smart, but she had umpteen things going on in her mind at one time, and wasn't always present. Isn't that what we all do? Multi-tasking has become the norm, and we live with cluttered minds that lead us to those stupidity moments.

It's easy to get pulled away without knowing it until we encounter our latest stupid action. So lately, I've been working on staying more focused on what I'm doing. I've also found making lists helps. Today I had about 7 important things to do, so I wrote all of them down, dealt with one at a time, then crossed each one off as I completed it. And as far as I know now, I've had a stupidity free day. Of course, our stupidity can catch up with us later on, so I'll wait and see if anything from today catches up with me later.

I know some smart people who criticize and call themselves names when they do those dumb things. But that's not fair. So we need to reassure ourselves that just because we sometimes do stupid things, it doesn't mean we've lost our marbles. Be kind to you, and give yourself some slack. Your brain is fine, and so are you. And so am I.

Keep smiling. It contributes to sanity.