Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Lesson In Trust

This week I experienced a good lesson in trust. That's what you need when your plate gets loaded, stress builds, all you can see is the problem, and you forget all those coping methods you know so well. It's immobilizing, and you feel alone and helpless. That's how I felt last week, so I reached out for help. I don't need any long term help for depression, but I needed understanding, compassion, and support to help me reduce stress, see clearly, and get through a temporary dilemma. Everyone goes through times like this, and this was one of my times. Several people responded, and their love and support helped me remember what I had forgotten to remember. To trust myself and the Voice inside that never fails me.

Later I spoke with a woman at my church and told her I was affirming that all is in Divine Order, and I'm working on trust. She smiled and said she had just received an article on trust and would send me a copy. The article was exactly what I needed, and it brought me to a place of peace and confidence while I work on resolving the problems. How's that for an answer to my plea for help.

My computer has totally died, and I'm working on a laptop that should have been trashed long ago. I haven't driven my car in 10 days. It's still in the shop getting a new head gasket. My new illness isn't life threatening, and I'm treating it. So I'm not done yet, but all is moving along.

The first step in problem solving has nothing to do with the problem itself. It's your own mental and emotional state about the problem. So trust may be a lesson I'll keep learning until I stop forgetting and finally remember to ask my inner Voice what I need to get me back on a peaceful path.Then once I'm on that path with trust, I can move through the problem with clarity, ease, and gratitude for a smoother journey.

So when problems jump up at you, and you feel that first jolt of panic, take a few deep breaths and remember to trust. You've probably been through thousands of crises in your life, as I have, and you're still here, still capable to doing what you need to do. And somehow the resources you need will come. Reach out to others for the love and support you need, and know you can trust yourself and your inner Voice. And like me, keep doing it until you've got it.

I wish you and me smooth sailing in the future.


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