Friday, September 13, 2013


Hello. I'm a little late this week because the Make Her Miserable Fairy has pushed me in a hole, and I'm trying to climb out. Usually, I write messages hoping to help others get through those bumps in life. But now I need help.

First my computer died, and won't boot back up. I'm now on an old ancient laptop with small writing I can hardly read, and the cursor keeps running away and gets lost somewhere in space. When it returns, I chase it, but it doesn't want to get caught. I don't have access to my Me And Granmama in the Hill Country book which I just finished and was editing (hope I haven't lost it). Or an essay I was also editing to submit for publication. Don't have my word processor and can't copy anyway.

Then had to have my car towed in to the mechanic who now says I need a head gasket, and I'd be without my car for a week. The cost to fix it amounts to more than my monthly income. I just had a birthday, and now I'm too old to walk to the bus stop. Couldn't make it.

Oh, I forgot. A new illness has just been added to the already long list of maladies I deal with everyday. Now I have to figure out how to find time for that one too. I've tried to find some new parts to replace the old worn out ones, but was told they're out of stock on the ones I need. Wish I could just order a whole new model, but I think God quit when he made this one.

Anyway, I need some feedback with ideas about how to respond to my latest strength testers. I'm probably in a transition tunnel, and eventually everything will get fixed. I'll get through it, but now I need some help responding to all of it to maintain my sanity. Should I use creative resourcefulness, use my trusty stress manual, scream, take a sleeping pill, count my blessings, go dance out in the back yard, pray, or just pack a bag and run away from home?

I don't know if anyone ever reads this blog, because I almost never get any comments, except for a kind friend sometimes that I really appreciate. But if someone is reading this and can find some compassion for this writer, please help me out with some comments. And if you need any help with anything, please let me know what you need. Unless I'm bombarded with too much at one time, like now, I can be a pretty good helper. And I do care about you. 

Thank you, thank you.



  1. M, I know it wasn't your intent and my tears are certainly not going to do you much good, but reading this makes me want to grab a box of tissues and have a good cry. Have you tried that? Sometimes it helps, even if it does make your eyes all puffy and your head hurt. Thats when I head for a hot shower and a long nap. I am the proverbial ostrich and will avoid facing problems as long as possible.
    Other than that I can't offer much advice. Certainly none that you've not already tried. I hear your cry for help, as just wanting to be heard, to not feel so alone.
    There's got to be a computer geek out there who can recover your documents. I don't know how, but I think they wave a magic wand, turn around three times and somehow things start to work again. If only fixing your car were that easy.
    Now that I'm working I'm not around a lot, but I'll help however I can.
    Sending you light and love.

  2. Marilyn, I used to be depressed out of my mind. Then I found Dianetics... Get rid of anger, baggage, depression and stress with the new science of Dianetics. Chris and Kelly Watkins will give you all the info for free, visit,, click the Dianetics book. Live a happy, peaceful life read Dianetics today!

  3. Mary, Thank you for your kind, encouraging message. Yes, it does help to know someone hears when you're in a tough time. And you've already helped just "hearing" me and caring.
    Love you, friend.

  4. Thank you Chris and Kelly for you message. I know about Dianetics, but it's been a long time. I need to get back with it. I'll get on the web site you sent. I know my current problems are temporary, but all at once it threw me for a loop. Hey, there's a subject for one of my future blog posts.
    Thank you again for your help.

    Blessings to you