Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is It Stupidity or a Cluttered Mind?

I Can't believe I did that.
Do you ever do dumb things--of course you do--and then wonder if you're stupid? When I do dumb things, I feel stupid. But then I have to question if that's really true. If it is, then we live in a world of totally stupid people, because everybody goofs up sometimes. So I wonder what's going on with us.

I do okay, but there are times when I wonder where my brain went. Usually every other day I cook enough food for 2 days suppers. Then I get days off from cooking. Well, one time I searched in the fridge for my second meal, and it wasn't there. Then I wondered if I forgot I ate it. Later I found it in the cupboard behind the paper towels. No memory of how it got there. Another time I found myself driving around a cemetery trying to find my way out, and the last thing I remembered was 3 miles back. Hmm.

And recently my friend was browning some meat in a skillet, and it needed more oil. So she got some milk out of the fridge and poured it in the pan. As soon as it bubbled up, she realized what she'd done, and felt like her mind took a vacation. We laugh now, but we had to question why we do these things. Well, we decided it's because we don't stay in the present. Our minds wander, and we don't know it.

Years ago, some people called my mother a ding-a-ling, but she certainly was not a ding-a-ling. She was plenty smart, but she had umpteen things going on in her mind at one time, and wasn't always present. Isn't that what we all do? Multi-tasking has become the norm, and we live with cluttered minds that lead us to those stupidity moments.

It's easy to get pulled away without knowing it until we encounter our latest stupid action. So lately, I've been working on staying more focused on what I'm doing. I've also found making lists helps. Today I had about 7 important things to do, so I wrote all of them down, dealt with one at a time, then crossed each one off as I completed it. And as far as I know now, I've had a stupidity free day. Of course, our stupidity can catch up with us later on, so I'll wait and see if anything from today catches up with me later.

I know some smart people who criticize and call themselves names when they do those dumb things. But that's not fair. So we need to reassure ourselves that just because we sometimes do stupid things, it doesn't mean we've lost our marbles. Be kind to you, and give yourself some slack. Your brain is fine, and so are you. And so am I.

Keep smiling. It contributes to sanity.



  1. You are certainly NOT stupid. Perhaps God gave us a sense of humor so we could laugh at our dumb mistakes.

  2. Thanks, Mary. Thank God for our sense of humor. It's one of my favorite things.

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