Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Resistance Breeds Persistence

How often does a problem in your life seem to hang around forever? You dig in your heels and tackle it head on. But it won't go away. You try everything you know to resolve it. But it refuses to move. You stew and fret about it. But it doesn't budge. The more your push, the bigger it gets. So what's going on?

Cause of persistence: Resistance breeds persistence. Everything in the universe is energy, and our minds are more powerful than we realize. Every thought produces energy, positive and negative, and it affects our inner life and our outer life. Each time we have a thought, the energy produced has to go somewhere and do something. When we focus on a problem and resist its presence, this energy draws it to us. And this increases its  power over us. Resisting is like pouring coal into a furnace instead of allowing the fire to die out.

Solution: When a problem enters your life, of course it needs attention. We can't usually ignore it. But pushing against it doesn't work. Stop obsessing and trying to push it away with your thoughts. Let it be, and accept its presence while you're doing what you can to resolve it. This doesn't mean giving in without a fight, but take your fight to the solution--not the problem. Ask for inner guidance, and ask the problem what you need to learn from it for your personal growth. It's there to teach you, and it won't leave until you've learned, sometimes only on a subconscious level. Maybe the lesson is to simply learn how to peacefully resolve problems.

Our journey is a series of glider rides and river rapids. Enjoy the rides, and concentrate on the paddles when the rapids get big. Practice non-resistance, do what's yours to do, and grow through it bigger than you were before.

I wish you happy rides through life.



  1. Glider rides and river rapids - now there's some imagery for you. Beautiful, as always.

  2. Thanks, Mary. Love those glider rides, but the rapids can get rough. Friends like you are the paddles we need to reach the shore. Lv ya