Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Power of a Grateful Heart

This is the time of year when we hear a lot about being grateful. And some people say they're really sick of hearing it. Yadda, yadda. Okay. We do get bombarded with it every year at turkey time. But maybe we need reminding. I know I do. Sometimes it's not easy to look around and see something we're grateful for. And sometimes we just forget to say thank you. But there's power in a grateful heart. Lots of power.

Everything in the universe is energy, and when you express gratitude, something good happens. The energy within you changes at a cell level and attracts like (good) energy. A grateful heart has the power to bring more peace into your life. That's a universal law. And it will work for you if you create peace in your heart through gratitude. 

There are many people today who are lonely, don't have money to pay bills, much less buy food, or they've lost a loved one, or they're dealing with a health challenge and feel like crap, or a relationship has fallen apart. Life's not a continuous merry-go-round, and we all run into hurtful stuff. But a grateful heart can make it not hurt so much. And there's a way to bring peace into your heart to help you get through painful times.

1.  Close your eyes and sit quietly with a paper and pen. Take some deep breaths, and ask for inner   guidance. That's where your answers are, hidden inside.
2.  Be patient, and allow some of the good things in your life to come into your awareness. Yes, there are some, if only small things. Picture them in your mind.
3.  As you think of something, write it down. Then return to your quiet state, and allow more to come. Start with just a few things.
4.  Now on another sheet of paper write, "I am grateful for ________." And do this with each good thing.
5.  Now read your list of affirmations out loud with a firm, confident voice. And add, "Thank you, Universe, for all of my good." Repeat this several times a day, and feel the gratitude coming from your heart area. Allow yourself to really "feel" it.
6.  If more good comes to mind, add it to what you already have.

Yes, I know that when you go through a painful time, it can be so exhausting you might feel there's nothing left to get you out of the pit. But as you go through each day practice saying thank you for what you take for granted, like hot water for a shower, a pillow for your head, a call from a friend, etc. Allow the power of a grateful heart to lighten your burdens. They don't have to be so heavy.

I wish you many blessings.


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