Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Lesson In Survival

There's an old tree in my back yard, and sometimes I look at that old tree and think about all it's been through. And still it survives. It lives in Florida, so it has escaped the snow. But it's held its own in droughts, wild rain storms, hurricanes, heat, cold, and whatever else was thrown at it. And isn't that the way we live our lives? One thing after another to bring us down. But most of us do survive, one way or another.

When something in life knocks us to the ground, it takes some thoughtful awareness to get us back up. And that old tree has become my inspiration. Nature has a knowing that we may have had many years ago, but in our 'human progress' we have forgotten. I don't know what that tree knows that I don't, but I'm happy to give it the power to inspire me to survival. That old tree is full of survival stories, and maybe in it's winters, it knows enough to believe that spring will come. And it always does.

When I need to survive, I look at that tree and read the following poem. Maybe you can see the spring coming too.

I Love A Tree
Author Unknown

I love a tree!
A brave upstanding tree!
When I am wearied in the strife,
Beaten by storms and bruised by life,
I look up at a tree, and it refreshes me.

If it can keep its head held high,
And look the storms straight in the eye,
Ready to stand, ready to die,
Then by the Grace of God can I.
At least with Heaven's help I'll try.
I love a tree, for it refreshes me.

I love a tree!
When it seems dead,
It's leaves all shorn, and bared its head,
When winter flings its cold and snow,
It stands there undismayed by woe.
It stands waiting for the spring.
A tree is such a believing thing.
I love a tree, for it refreshes me.

I wish you many spring days in your life.


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