Thursday, January 9, 2014

Healing For The New Year Part 1

It's a new year, and we have a chance to make it better than the last one. So we make new year's resolutions. But we usually think of making outside changes like doing things in a different way. But what about working on what's inside of us; things like hurt, resentment, anger, loneliness, regret, self-criticism, etc that eat at us in daily life. Every thought or feeling inside colors our life on the outside, and this is what needs attention. When we heal what's going on inside, our actions and situations on the outside will ultimately change from what they were. And life changes for the better.

Your thoughts and feelings about each of the following categories are clues to what needs healing within you. Think about each one carefully.

Your body: Do you feel stressed much of the time? Do you feel concerned about your body for any reason? Are you dissatisfied with it? Do you feel shame, frustration, self-critical, worry, any negative feelings or?
Relationships: Are there any in your life that get on your nerves? No matter how hard you try, they're not working? Do they tend to diminish your own self-worth? Do you feel anger, frustration, helplessness, hurt, or?
Work: Are you unhappy at work? Do you dread going every day? How do you feel about the people you work with? Do you feel angry, frustrated, regretful, failure, or?
Money: What's your attitude about money? Do you worry about it? Do you feel you'll never have enough? Do you feel lack, anger, frustration, sad, inadequate, or?
Painful losses: Have you experienced a painful loss? A person or situation? Do you wish you could go back, instead of accepting the present? Do you feel lonely, regretful, tired, angry, helpless, or?
Past mistakes and hurts: Do you keep mentally reliving those mistakes and hurts? Do you wish you had done something a different way? Do you criticize yourself for mistakes? Criticize others for hurting you? Do you feel angry, hurt, regretful, stupid, incompetent, or?
Self-image: How do you perceive yourself? What do you think and feel about you? Do you find fault with how you act, think, or feel? Do you feel you don't measure up, like you're less than others? Do you feel shame, dissatisfaction, self-loathing, guilty, or?
Negative habits: What habits do you want to change? How do you feel about them? What need do you satisfy with the habit? Is it to help you calm down? Rev you up? Give you a sense of power? Seem more acceptable? Help with loneliness? Do you feel anxious, depressed, helpless, or?
Any others you can think of: Ask questions that pertain to them, and include your thoughts and feelings about them.

Sometimes we're not aware of what we're really thinking and feeling. This week take some time and notice if any of the above categories apply to you, what's going on inside, and why it's happening. And I'll be back next week with some useful suggestions for promoting peace within and a sense of well-being. There's power in knowledge. The more you know about yourself, the more your life can work with positive meaning.

I wish you an enlightened week.


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