Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Healing For The New Year Part 2

We all worry, fret. struggle or suffer with an issue in our life. Sometimes it hangs on for a very long time. And that inner turmoil robs us of our freedom to grow and have the life we want. It's like living with a thorn in your foot, and it hurts to walk. Get rid of the thorn, and your steps will take you peacefully where you want to go.

To heal from the inside, it's best to know what's causing the inner turmoil. Check the issue categories in last week's message, and see if one applies to you. But if you can't identify a cause, you can work with the unknown for healing. As you work with the following steps, talk to the issue in your life, or the unknown, and create a dialogue with yourself as you go along. Work on one part at a time, not all at once. When you feel comfortable with one part, move on to the next one.

There are several ways to heal your thoughts and feelings. You need quiet time to do this. Sit quietly, take deep breaths, and relax.

Acceptance: You don't need to accept any problem, but you must accept that it's there and that you have thoughts and feelings about it. Don't resist or fight it. Allow it to be there for now. You're okay.
Ask for help: Go to your inner Voice and ask for help through the process and to reveal what you need to know. Your help and answers are within you and will come.
Clarity: Be honest, and question yourself as in last week's categories. Gain in understanding of 'what' you're thinking and feeling and 'why'. Allow your answers to come.
Forgiveness: Forgive whatever you're dealing with. Forgive your thoughts and feelings. And Forgive yourself for having those thoughts and feelings. Verbalize expressions of forgiveness.
Love and Release: Send healing love to the past or present situation, and release it with love. Send healing love to yourself. Feel yourself bathed in peace and love.
Denials and Affirmations: Verbalize I deny that this situation or  my thoughts and feelings have any power over me. And I affirm I am now whole and free of any inner turmoil over this situation. Do this throughout each day.
Create a Scene: In your mind create a scene of a beautiful morning sun rising. A new daybreak. Feel peace and freedom within, and allow this feeling to fill your whole being.
Gratitude: Express gratitude for your freedom. Say it. Shout it. Rejoice with gratitude.

Be patient. Inner healing takes time. I remember a few years ago when I worked with this healing system, and I had to keep pushing myself to continue. But my freedom still feels good. Solving a problem is one thing,but feeling peace within yourself is worth your time and effort to achieve it. This begins your journey for a happier new year. Take your time and allow your freedom to unfold.

I wish you a happier new year.


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