Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Understanding Yesterday Today


Things like adversity, illness, or a broken heart are part of the human condition, and we suffer through them. We feel confused, wondering ‘why is this happening to me’? We may think we won’t survive, but most of the time we do, and we move on. But then we carry some of the pain with us deep inside and occasionally relive it, suffering all over again. Does that sound familiar?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have smooth sailing all the time? Or would it?

Your suffering has meaning
We’re creative creatures, made to be and do, grow and expand today from what we were yesterday. But it’s really hard going through some of those yesterdays, not understanding that every step we take on our journey leads to something we would have missed had we taken another route. 

I lived much of my life crying inside, choked in deep depression, and wondering why I had to live like that. I learned to hide my feelings and function as I had to, but the pain was always with me. Finally after two years of therapy, I realized those painful years were preparation for what I was meant to do. I needed those years, I needed that pain, to push me into a whole new direction in my life. I went back to school and had many happy years as a mental health therapist, something I never would have dreamed of without that experience. I used to curse the depression. Now I understand, and thank God for it.

Each step is preparation
My experience is not all that unique. I’ve seen many people learn from traumatic experiences and find that new door open for them. But I’ve also seen many who have not. Each step we take through life prepares us for the next one. But we need to see our steps as learning experiences we must take to make the next one better. 

Understanding leads to new vision and freedom
Pain hurts, but it can be a great motivator if you allow it to turn your attention in new directions. When you go through a painful time in your life, know that your pain is not all there is. There’s something beautiful waiting just outside of your present vision. But you have to believe and search for it. And it doesn’t have to be something you feel is too spectacular for you. Anything that warms your heart and gives you reason to get up each morning with bright anticipation is spectacular. Understand that your pain can be a catalyst to open that new door for you, and take that next step.

I wish you heartfelt understanding and new vision.



  1. When you are there, in the pain, it's so hard not to be consumed. This is when we need others (like you and this blog) to remind us there is hope and light and a place of peace if we just keep moving.

  2. Thank you, Mary. I agree. I hope my blog helps people, but I wonder if anyone reads it. Without comments, how do I know? I thank you for your interest and comments.
    God bless.