Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Many Storms Does It Take To Knock You Down? And How Do You Get Up?

Do you get hit with problems that feel like a storm just ripped through your life and knocked you to the ground? They can pertain to any area of your life, like loss of a loved one, a job, money, relationships, illness, etc. Sometimes they come one after the other, and drag us down. We get back up, but with each one the getting up becomes more difficult. And a wounded heart can't take one more slice with the knife. So there's no point in getting up again. Why not go to bed, pull the covers over your head, and just vegetate.

I wonder about this phenomenon. It's been said that our thoughts create our life. And I believe that. But I wonder about times we seem to get caught in crap that somebody else created, and we're thrown flat on our butt wondering what happened. Do we unknowingly attract those situations with our thoughts? Are we like the bull in a china shop, wandering around not looking where we're stepping?

Sometimes it may take only one storm to finally do you in. I knew a man who spent his work-life dedicated to the architectural firm where he designed beautiful buildings and took pride in his work. Then when he turned 60, the younger men in the company moved him to a cubicle in the basement and gave him few assignments. His beautiful buildings remained tall in the city, but at age 62, already dealing with a heart condition, his broken heart killed him. Did he create that situation?

I also know a woman who enjoyed a relationship with a treasured friend for many years. They went through storms together, and weathered a few misunderstandings, but they helped each other through each one. Their friendship appeared strong until a new friend entered the picture with devious intent and replaced her in the friendship. The woman was trashed, and the relationship with her treasured friend ended. When she lost her friend, she was already experiencing several storms at once. Could her weakened emotional state have attracted this heart breaking experience to her?

We may never understand precisely why or how certain situations enter our life, but we can create important changes with inner work to create or attract what we do want, and work on our subconscious belief system to prevent a lot of what we don't want.

1. Accept where you are now--in a storm, coming out of one, or just want to learn to avoid some in the future. Quiet your mind and listen to your inner Voice for answers.
2. Clarify: Ask your inner self what meaning stormy situations have in your life. What's really going on with you. And allow yourself to feel your feelings.
3. There's power in self-awareness. Without judgment, examine the following:
    A. Become aware of your conscious thought processes. Are you generally a positive or negative thinker? Do you expect trouble to follow you--or not? How do you see yourself as a person?
    B. Examine your negative childhood messages. ie You don't deserve anything, you're selfish, you're boring, no one wants to hear you, etc.
    C. Look for behavior patterns. ie Are you outgoing or timid? Do you finish what you start? Do you often get angry? Are you trustworthy? etc.
    D. What are you afraid of? ie People won't like you, you'll sound stupid, you won't measure up, etc.
4. Once you've become more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, keep what you want, and change what you don't want, if anything. What do you want to be, have, and do? Know what you want to create in your self and your life, and begin creating.
5. Ask the Universe for what you want. And know in your deepest being that it's already yours. Just be open and receptive to receive your blessings.

Life is not without storms. But as you grow, they will be fewer, and you will have all you need to get back up and move forward. Think, practice your changes, and trust in your ability to flow with the Universe. And accept and love your beautiful self.

I wish you happy creating.


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