Monday, June 1, 2015

My Chosen Path

 A Poem To Ponder

I chose a path when I was young.
I saw it in my mind.
And the way was clear for me to find
The wonders of my world.
I saw the years that lay ahead
With eager
arms outstretched.
And in my trusting heart was etched
The vision of my life.

But then, as I began my walk,
Clear and bright and sweet.
I felt strange boulders neath my feet
Begin to change my path.
I tried my best to stay on track,
To keep my footing true.
But then great strong winds blew,
And tossed me in the air.

I didn't know which way to go.
I got confused, and angry too.
What was a helpless child to do
On such a road as this?
I kicked and screamed, but I was lost.
How could my chosen way be gone?
How could I have been so wrong
To miss my rightful path?

Did faulty judgment change my steps,
And take my dreams from view?
Or was there something else there too
That stole it all away?
And then one day in deep despair
When hope was all but spent.
I saw a glimpse of truth that lent
A quiver in my soul.

A still small voice from deep within
Said look with wiser eyes.
Turn from the appearance, and realize
The truth of who you are.
I pondered over these strange words.
And stretched my mind to see.
Could there be yet a path for me
To be myself again?

I reached down deep to find the faith
I'd lost in younger years.
And raised my glance through drying tears
To see the other side.
When suddenly I saw it there
Beyond my tangled web.
Shining in a wondrous light that said
Come walk again.

I saw the place, my chosen path.
Clear and bright and sweet.
And I felt a breeze beneath my feet
That set my path anew.
I slowly smiled with careful step
To move on this new ground.
And started now to move around
Those pitfalls in my way.

Now I meet the boulders on the road.
They're always there, you see.
But knowing now the truth of me
Protects and guides my course.
So now I rise above the storms,
Or dodge the puddles in their place.
To be a master of my space.
On this, the path where I belong.

I wish you happiness on your path.


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