Monday, September 28, 2015

What To Do With Regrets From Your Past That Live In The Present

Do you ever think of your past and find 'what ifs' running around in your mind? What if I hadn't done that, what if I'd done something different? Mistakes and Regrets. And you spend your whole life agonizing about how different life would be had you made wiser choices in the past. Everyone goes through it, but you don't have to live with it.

One day, perhaps, you will see for yourself that regrets are as nothing. The value lies in how they are answered. Steven Erikson, House of Chains.

What kinds of feelings come up when you think of your mistakes...anger about what you did or failed to do, sadness at how things turned out, guilt, stupidity, disappointment in yourself or feeling others disappointment in you? We can be pretty hard on ourselves for being imperfect. I've never known a perfect person. But I have known some pretty great imperfect people. So you don't need to keep beating yourself over the head and getting into 'what ifs' because you stumbled in the past.

Getting stuck in regret, self-criticism or blame can rob you of confidence and clear vision and then sabotage what you may want to create now. You can harbor your regrets, and stumble through life, but every decision you made was based upon your knowledge at the time. And maybe the path you took was necessary to move you to creating something better. Louise Hay says, "Every experience I have is perfect for my growth."

When I worked in the jail with a Mental Health Team, I counseled homeless inmates incarcerated for trespassing, stealing food, yelling at police officers, etc, some with mental illness and some without a mental disorder. And many came from dysfunctional homes with physical and/or mental abuse. I heard a lot of 'what ifs' from them with poor self images and memories of one mistake after another. They saw few worthwhile qualities in themselves and no hope for a positive future. But as I worked with them I found many bright minds with potential for a better life, and many learned to see their mistakes not as reasons for blame, but as learning tools to turn their lives around.

Cut away the nonsense, the drama, the regret, the scars of the past, and make a decision to no longer let them govern your happiness and freedom. Steve Maraboli

Awareness: Sometimes we're not aware of what's churning in our subconscious robbing us of the freedom we need to grow on our journey. If you have a sense of something holding you back, look inside and see what's in there. Any guilt and self-condemning thoughts? Any memories you've hidden somewhere so you don't have to re-live them? Bring them up and begin your road to freedom.

Forgiveness: You're not your mistakes. You're not stupid or incompetent. So you don't need to forgive yourself for being who you are. You need forgiveness for doubting yourself and allowing your mistakes to create a false image of you. Deal with your mistakes and feelings from your true self. Affirm your positive qualities often, acknowledge who you are, and claim your true identity--a beautiful person who goofs up sometimes.

Confrontation: There's power in thoughts and more power in words. So when any self-condemning thoughts come up, talk to them directly, out loud when possible. Tell them you've had enough, and you're letting them go ... goodbye! Refuse to let them hang around.

Comfort: Comfort that inner child part of you who's been suffering for too long. Give her/him lots of hugs with love and approval. And when you make your next mistake--and you will--do the same with that mistake and all the others that follow. You're the caretaker, and your inner child needs you.

I can't count the times I kicked myself in the rear end with regret, and it always took a while for those thoughts and beliefs to give up and go away. But each time it was a new step forward. And I wish those steps forward for you.

Let the past go and enjoy your freedom.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Self-Image And Your Light Within

We move so quickly through life today, time for 'self' is disappearing. And it's easy to forget who we are. If someone asked you to describe your self-image, what would you say? Would your answer be swift and firm? Or would you spend time groping for an answer? And would your answer be based upon others opinions of you? You may be surprised at what you'd find if you took a closer look inside.

We are gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light. Mary Dunbar

Yes, you're unique, different, special, an adventure to be explored, with a light within of which you may not be aware. Oh, you may have heard of that light, but how often have you recognized it? This light longs for awareness and expression in your life. And it comes through a self-image based not on lies about you, but on the truth of who and what you are.

Negative childhood messages give a false self-image--I can't, I mess everything up, I'm homely, I'm not worth much, etc. And we go through life revealing our weaknesses and denying our strengths. How can we see our light with eyes blinded by lies?

I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being. Hafiz

I had a friend who's negative self-image was not true, but she'd never searched for anything else. When I gave her my impression with a dozen wonderful qualities I saw in her, tears filled her eyes. She said, "No one ever told me that, and I never saw it. Is it really true?" I convinced her to observe herself and take note of each time she expressed her strong points. She amazed herself with each discovery, and her wonderful self became real to her. Over time, she learned to let her light shine, even in her own eyes.

The first step in self-discovery is awareness. How can we grow if we're not aware of what we're working with in the first place? When I was a child I watched my brother put together model airplanes. First he laid out all the pieces on the table, and carefully identified each one. He was grateful for those ready to use pieces, and happily worked on others that needed sanding down and rough edges smoothed out. No piece was more important than the other. He needed all of them to create a plane that would fly. And if we're to fly, we need to search inside the box, see all the pieces, and work with them without judgment.

When you live from your heart and your self-image involves more of your true self, your light will shine brighter in your life and in the lives of others. What do you see when you smile and say hello to a stranger? How do you feel when you complete a task with love? And what do you hear when you ask yourself if your life has meaning? If you don't get a positive response to such questions, take a closer look inside and discover 'more' of wonderful you--and believe you are wonderful.

Explore inside and identify all the pieces. Keep the qualities you want--work on releasing what no longer serves you in a positive way--and watch your self-image change as you accept and reject. Your true self is already there. It just takes some searching and fine tuning to bring it into the light. And your light is testimony to who you are.

There is power in the words "I am." If you say I am sick enough times, you will be sick. If you say I am poor enough times, you will be poor. Whatever you claim with "I am" will be yours. Say no to the lies, and start claiming your kindness, wisdom, compassion, peace, joy, creativity, all those qualities you were born with as the special entity you are. And allow them to shine in your light.

I wish you joy as you express light in your life


Monday, September 14, 2015

How To Bring Abundance Into Your Life

Many of us go through life everyday thinking we must live with whatever life deals out to us. But you don't need to be content with the status quo. Life can be abundant with love, harmony, health, good relationships, rewarding work, financial security, whatever goodness your heart desires. But it takes daily time, attention and work.

There is only abundance. The only scarcity we have is based upon holding onto certain modes and models. James Arthur Ray

The answer to abundance is within each of us waiting to be tapped into when we know where to look. The Universe functions on energy vibrations, and whatever we manifest depends upon those vibrations, negative or positive. We block our good with low vibration negative thinking. But if we raise our level to a new positive energy vibration with positive thinking, the Universe will answer in kind. Our abundance is already there. We just need to tune into the right vibration and claim it.

Our life journey is usually a mix of positive and negative experiences--rarely all good or bad at one time. But sometimes we're so absorbed with a difficult issue, we forget about a positive issue that exists at the same time. Recently, I was feeling alone and depressed with a health problem, and I couldn't see anything but the pain. Then I had a birthday, and so many birthday wishes flooded in I was re-awakened to the abundance of love in my life. Sometimes we need reminders when our mind is focused on lack.

It takes practice to develop a new ongoing mindset so abundance can become a positive 'yes' attitude--not a sometime thought or desire...not maybe someday...but now.

1. Intention: Intention is a powerful tool that puts productive energy in motion. Write a letter to the Universe asking for what you want, and declare your intent to have it. And hold this thought of intention.
2. Inner blocks: Search within for any messages or beliefs that may block your abundance. ie You're not worthy, you will never have what you want, you will always be poor, you don't have what it takes, etc. etc. Every time you have such a thought, confront it with an affirmation such as this one by Louise Hay, "I deserve the best, and I accept it now. All my needs and desires are met before I even ask." You might even write affirmations on file cards to read through the day.
3. Move to the heart: A desire begins in the mind, but it must move to the heart to manifest. So feel your desire and intention in your heart. Make it your heart's desire, and feel as if you already have it.
4. Focus and Allow: Keep your focus on what you want and envision it in your life. Don't get caught up in where, when or how it will manifest. You don't need to know this. Tune in to a state of allowing it to happen instead of forcing it into manifestation. And let the Universe do it.

Expect your every need to be met. Expect the answer to every problem. Expect abundance on every level.  Eileen Caddy

5. Expect: Expect your good, and record each instance with gratitude when something you want comes into your life, even in a small way. The energy in acknowledgment and gratitude encourages more abundance to come.

There will be challenges and difficult times, but by raising your energy vibration level something good can come out of each experience, and more good will come into your life. If a sense of lack creeps in, immediately change your focus from lack to plenty and note other areas where there is positive abundance.

Do what you know, and stay with your intention to keep your energy positive. If you slip back, it's okay. Stay vigilant, start over and keep going. Love your life, and love your efforts to make it better. You deserve an abundant life.

I wish you the blessing of abundance on your journey.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Experience The Healing Power of Trees

There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be quiet to hear it. Minnie Aumonier

There's a place of rest within each of us--a safe haven as we rush through life too worn out to deal with everything that hits us in the face. But to find the peace, comfort, wisdom and strength to meet life's demands, we need to form a connection through daily prayer, meditation, music and nature--whatever way pulls you inside to that quiet place. And one of the most effective ways to reach that place is with a tree.

Trees put oxygen into the air, provide shade from the hot sun, wood for many of our needs, substances for some of our medications, and some provide nuts and fruits to nourish us. What a miraculous gift they are. And their vibrational energy is known to be healing.

In modern and ancient times, trees have held an important place in many cultures for healing, religion and spirituality. In 2004, Japan's National Land Afforestation Promotion Organisation, conducted an experiment and discovered that a forest stroll had beneficial effects on blood pressure, heart rate and the immune system. They also found that people who just looked at a forest view for 20 minutes had a 13 percent lower concentration of the stress hormone cortisol.

In every walk with nature, man receives far more than he seeks. John Muir

In an article by Laura Hamilton in Psychics Universe titled The Spiritual Power of Trees, she says, "The energy of trees can also affect our mental, emotional and spiritual energy. With roots reaching deep into the earth, they have excellent grounding energy. Their vibrations are slower, deeper and more concentrated compared to some other living things. Essentially they give out the energy vibe of safety, security and stability. By coming into contact with a tree, you begin to resonate with the tree's energy and you become more centered and grounded. This can explain the comfort many people feel when next to a tree, or the peace and serenity when they sit under a tree or walk through a forest." She advises hugging a tree and thanking it for helping you ground your energy. As for me, I enjoy sitting under a tree leaning against its strong trunk.

One time while visiting in Seattle, I sat on a shady porch taking in the pristine beauty of giant northwestern trees. I've always loved trees, and just the sight took my breath. Then a nearby tree called my name, and I thought of what I'd heard about the benefits of sitting under a tree. Something shifted inside, and I was drawn to try this new way to reach my quiet place. As I relaxed against the tree, I felt negative energy moving down from my body into the earth. Then the earth poured her loving energy up into my body and joined the powerful energy of the tree. My heart was very quiet, and I was wrapped in exquisite peace and strength. I'll never forget the experience.

As I sat in this quiet, I remembered singing in my school choir many years ago. We sang Joyce Kilmer's poem about trees. Now I understood his poem, and so much more.

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Find your way to go within and be quiet. Listen for the truth in your heart. You really can walk through life with peace and joy when you know where to look. And look for a tree everyday.

I wish you peace, health, joy and strength as you walk through each day