Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How To Keep Your New Year New

Hello again. I missed you while I was gone. It's been an eventful couple of weeks for me. First my computer bellied up, stone dead, and couldn't be revived. So I had to get a new one. Then my backdoor slammed on my hand with a force that put my body in shock, and I fainted on my kitchen floor. I was in the hospital 3 times in 2 weeks, and I'm still in the process of recovery.

We never know what each new day will bring. And we never know what each new year will bring. Life itself is a mixture of challenges and easy sledding, and there's no guarantee for what we get. We have more power than we realize to ensure better outcomes, but we tend to take whatever comes. And we forget that each new day or year offers new chances to lighten our burdens and bring more joy.

Have you ever thought of releasing some of those burdens you've carried inside for a long time? Or do you think you're just stuck with them forever? Have you ever watched a child building a tower with blocks, one after the other, until suddenly he puts one more block on top, and the whole tower falls?

That's kind of what we do in life. We get through one challenge after another, but we fail to release our heartaches, mistakes, regrets, losses, whatever brought us pain, and we store them somewhere inside pushing them down when they resurface. And our burdens get heavier. Everything that happens in your life fills a space somewhere inside, and you can only hold so much. But life can become lighter when you clear out old hurts and make room for new happier times.

Think about what you'd like to release. Do you hold a grudge against someone, or mourn a lost friendship, or live with self-criticism over past mistakes, or allow regrets to gnaw at you, or hold anger toward those who hurt you, or a habit that does not serve you, etc? We hold onto these things with both fists and carry them with us. And our new years lose their sparkle. They become just new places to put the old baggage.

So now you're facing a new year, and in order to make this one new, you must clear out some of what you don't want and make room for what you do want. Clear out the old, and make the new ready for more happy times. Before you step over the line to your new year, make a list of all the painful thoughts, feelings, and events you've been holding onto. And make a commitment to let go. Then, in your mind, picture a large balloon, any color you want, and drop your list into the balloon. Tie the top of the balloon and tap the bottom lightly. Now watch it float up into a beautiful blue sky as you smile and wave goodbye to those burdens you've been carrying. And let them go with a happy heart.

As you enter this new year, take with you all the goodness and happiness you've known in the past, and know that you can grow and expand with it during your new year. And this will give you the strength you need when new challenges come. Now you have room to find more of your true self...your beautiful self.

I wish you newness of life with peace in your heart.


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