Wednesday, December 28, 2016

You And Energy Created By Heartfelt Gratitude

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. Thornton Wilder

Thank you. Words we say all the time. It's our habit response for all kinds of, compliments, kind gestures, etc, etc. As children we're taught it's the polite thing to do. But we say it, and then go about our way and forget about it. And we leave out the most important part of those words--the heartfelt energy behind them. That's the part that makes good things happen.

The ability to express heartfelt gratitude is an amazing gift we've all been given, but many people have no idea it even exists or the many benefits we receive with its use. Every time your heart lights up with gratitude, energy is created...loving, healing energy. And there's a lot more to it than most realize.

Everything in the universe, including people, is made up of energy vibrating at different high or low frequencies. With positive thoughts you vibrate in higher frequencies and attract love, peace, harmony, abundance, etc, the good you want in your life. With negative thoughts you vibrate in lower frequencies and attract lack, discord, fear, anger, etc, what you don't want. Thus practicing positive heartfelt gratitude puts you in a higher vibrational frequency, and this attracts more of your good.

Research shows that gratitude is a vital part of our lives. Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Davis, is a leading scientific expert on gratitude and says, "Gratitude heals, energizes, and transforms lives physically, psychologically, and socially. And people who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits." In his writings, he details much about gratitude and its many benefits.

The gratitude experience can involve other people or just your own personal life issues. When you receive a gift from someone, a kindness, a thoughtful gesture, etc, you feel grateful. Then when you achieve a goal, find something you're looking for, or a plan turns out well, etc. you also feel grateful. Either way, when you express gratitude in a heartfelt way you experience a happy, more meaningful life.

In the bad times, choose to grow stronger. In the good times, choose to enjoy fully. In all times, choose to be grateful. Unknown

It's easy to feel grateful when your life is going well. But how can you feel grateful when hard times hit...loss of a job, a health issue, etc? You can't just tell yourself to feel good about some misfortune. Well, there's a distinction between feeling and being. Dr. Emmons explains that feelings are about the way things are, the way they should be, and the distance between them. But being grateful is a choice to view life in its entirety, and not be overwhelmed by temporary circumstances. It's like separating the temporary challenges from the overall meaning of your life. And gratitude can actually help you cope with the crises.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. Melody Beattie

Look back on your life. You survived a lot. And you can survive this challenge. It is possible to feel whatever you feel about your present situation and still be grateful that your life does have meaning. And this sense of gratitude can lift you to a higher energy frequency.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. Unknown

Learning to use gratitude in a productive way doesn't come about by itself. It takes some thought and practice to become a habit. And various deliberate, calculated tools are necessary. First make a list of tools you can use to help you learn. Some of the following suggestions may help.

1. Begin each morning with intention to notice situations through the day in which you can express gratitude.
2. Take notice of how good comes to you, recognize the positive, and fully enjoy whatever good comes.
3. Use a gratitude journal, and every night record your day's gratitude activities. You might even draw some happy faces.
4. Take walks outside, look around, and notice nature's blessings. Give thanks.
5. Give little notes of gratitude to the people in your life.
6. Include gratitude in your prayers.

When you put your heart into your sense of gratitude in higher vibrational frequencies, it becomes more powerful and your life will be more fulfilling. Be happy.

I wish you many grateful experiences.


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