Monday, January 9, 2017

Chaos Is Everywhere. How To Survive And Save Your Sanity

The World Book Encyclopedia describes chaos as great confusion and complete disorder. And right now, today, we live in a world consumed by chaos with lawlessness, unrestraint, and unaccountability. We  have adopted an Us and Them mentality where people are consumed with hate for others unlike themselves. And this mentality reaches everyone on earth at every level...nation against nation, group against group, brother against brother. This chaotic atmosphere disrupts every aspect of our lives.

I sometimes wonder how we got here to this place of such unrest. Could it be that while we slept, the Us and Them mentality, obsessed with power and control, expressed like a run-away train saying, "Climb aboard and join us on this chaotic ride to hell?" And we forgot who we are?

I lived through the Great Depression, hot and cold wars, protests in the streets, man's wars against humanity, cruel treatment of certain groups of people, and the list goes on. But in all my years, I've never experienced anything reaching the depths of the inhumane situations filled with hate that we see today. It's everywhere. And I cry, because I remember when, in spite of the chaos, there was so much good to bathe our wounds in the bad times. And I miss that.

During the Depression years, when I was 6 years old, my father died, and my mother, my 2 brothers, and I moved to Detroit. We lived in an apartment house with tenants from different countries...Poland, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. During the day we all left our doors open, and I loved to sneak by each door and listen to conversations I didn't understand and smell foods I'd never tasted. In spite of our differences, we could all speak English and became like a family helping each other through the hard times. I knew the ways in which we were different, but I loved the ways in which we were one. How did we lose our oneness and become Us and Them?

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. Deepak Chopra

I remember another experience that taught me about people unlike myself. When I started school, I was the kid with the southern accent, and everyday I encountered a group of African American children who waited and beat me up on my way home from school. My mother's complaints to the school Principal brought no help. So she created a pile of snowballs, hid behind a tree, and threw like crazy. But she also taught me not to make the color of their skin an issue. Their mama's just needed to teach them better. As time passed, we became friends. And I learned about oneness.

Most people believe we are created by God. And some believe that God favors the Us group more than the Them group. But I can't believe the God I know would look at His beautiful creations and separate us into categories judging one group better than another. Even our constitution says we are all created equal. This is who we are, and to quiet the chaos, this is what we need to express in our lives.

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. Carl Jung

No matter how our world appears now, order exists within the disorder if we're willing to find and express it. Imagine dumping out a jigsaw puzzle, and pieces fall in confusion and disorder on the table. But within that chaos, there's a beautiful country scene with total clarity and order. You just have to fit the pieces together in an orderly way, and the chaos disappears. This process can manifest in the world if we resign from the Us and Them mentality and begin picking up the pieces of our life.

Keep stillness within and acknowledge the beauty of who you are, part of a tapestry woven in love. Within each of us is clarity and order...not the picture we see in our chaotic world. And the unifying pattern lies in the hearts of all people. We are interconnected, and with loving outstretched arms of brotherhood and sisterhood, we have the power to melt the chaos that divides us. Projecting your love into the world may seem small, but you are a part of the world, and your love can affect the whole. Let the light of love shine within you, and the world will find peace.

I wish love in a peaceful world.


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