Monday, January 16, 2017

Finding Yourself

Good evening, everyone. Yes, I'm a night person, and ordinarily I'd be creating a message perhaps to touch your mind and heart with helpful information on your journey. But due to a current health challenge, I've not been up to writing a full contribution this week. So I'm offering a few short poems I wrote that may at least bring some useful food for thought. And by the way, I would enjoy some comments to share your thoughts, positive or negative. We gain pleasure from the positive, and we learn from the negative. Thank you for both.

We've been through the mill,
Up and down the hill.
We've known the pain and sorrow.
But never ever forget
The sun's gonna shine tomorrow.
We are survivors

Lord, help me make rainbows
Instead of cloudy days.
Fill my life with hope and joy,
And love in all my ways.
Help me see the truth of me,
And those whose lives I share,
To know the value of their presence,
To let them know I care.

I run away and search out there.
I keep looking for the prize
To find me in another's face,
In someone's else's eyes.
But God speaks to me in quiet times.
His voice comes in so clear.
Not so much in spoken words,
But feelings that I hear.
He tells me things about myself,
The truth I need to see.
And then I know the years have been
My journey to find me.
So there comes a time when new gets old,
And I know it's not out there.
I have to look inside myself,
For I'm the one who has to care.

Find your beautiful self, and love every inch of you. There's no one else like you in the universe, and there's much you've yet to discover. I wish you much happiness on your journey.


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